A £6M surprise for Rangers fans….

A £6M surprise for Rangers fans….

Rangers have made a swathe of signings this summer, with seven names coming through the door already. The overhaul has been significant, and yet something huge stands out over this summer compared with this exact time last term:


At this point last year Rangers had already signed Scott Arfield, Allan McGregor, Connor Goldson (£3M), Jamie Murphy (£1m), Nikola Katic (£2M) and Ovie Ejaria in a summer overhaul which took spending to around the £6M mark, whereas this time around the budget spent is literally £900,000 on George Edmundson and Joe Aribo.

It marks a huge change, and while there remains two months left of course of the window, Gerrard was explicit in saying he wanted the bulk done early.

And if what we’re looking at is anything like the bulk, it could be the most cost-effective summer overhaul in Rangers history with not even a million spent.

Of course, many would argue that the work was already done, and the core of the team was already in place before the summer started – but even among the most blindly faithful, there would have been the expectation or two that a few quid would be spent to catch up with Celtic.

Whether the budget has been tightened after what is seen as not the most efficient use of money last calendar year is another issue – but usually by this point in the window the wallet is out and the big investments are made.

Not this year.

Maybe Stevie has been told he must sell before he buys, in a surreal version of FFP. Only use in the window what you generate, and if Rangers sell the likes of Morelos and Tavernier, they will have funds to use for new recruits.

This is not to smear what’s been done – we like a number of the players who came in. Jordan Jones, Sheyi Ojo and Joe Aribo especially excite us hugely – but the lack of expense in getting them here is either huge praise for smart recruitment and praise on the scouting department, or a damning indictment of how much Gerrard can actually spend. That’s up to you.

This time last year it was £6M on three players alongside another three loans/Bosmans Now it’s £900,000 on two alongside five loans/Bosmans.

Quite the shift.

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  1. A think wee will have to sell before wee spend on players if tav or morales go wee will spend that money on a replacement other than that a thi k wee just need cb now to be honest then am happy with what wee have but has to be an experienced early 30's

  2. A think wee will have to sell before wee spend on players if tav or morales go wee will spend that money on a replacement other than that a thi k wee just need cb now to be honest then am happy with what wee have but has to be an experienced early 30's

    • His development fee is not yet known. It was being sorted by an independent panel last we heard. But could be as low as £100K.

    • I thought the development fee was based on a UEFA formula. We can neogtiate things like the payment tranches and dates, but I thought the amount is calculated on wages and number of years development.
      Am I wrong (It has been known)

  3. Remember the pundits or anyone else that donned the green & grey said it would take 50 million to catch? Not that I ever bought into that tripe, but how silly will that look when we win the league. Best part of 7 million on a squad overhaul lol

  4. PS. am I the only 1 thinking that after the season ticket money was promised and that we are virtually debt free, that rangers are putting money away for stadium expansion?

  5. It’s worrying. If it starts bad and we lose games or draw and continue inconsistently then all he’ll will be loosed on board. We do need another real quality striker buffalo is a liability and that only leaves Defoe. Left back and right back. But striker for me needs money put up or it may be season over before it’s started.

    IN, Thoughts???

  6. The English teams are not back training yet so I think once they know who they don’t need we will pick up a couple, like Kent etc.

  7. The money will be going on wages? Was it not reported that Aribo had tripled his wages? So perhaps getting a few off the the expenses would be a good thing?

  8. Spending large sums of money does not guarantee success. Personally i'm quite happy we're not throwing away £7m on a journeyman centre-half from France when we can pick up potentially more talented, younger players for buttons. Grezda and Barasic cost us a small fortune (in Scottish football terms) and have produced the square root of hee-haw so far – Kamara cost us peanuts and was possibly the best player in the league the last few months of the season.

    I also feel we have some great kids coming through that really need to get some game time this season, guys like McPake, Mebude etc clearly have the talent so why waste money on foreign imports?

    • Agreed. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Is Rogic honestly worth 300 TIMES Glen Kamara? No, didn't think so.
      Was Tore Andre Flo the best player to grace Scotland? No, didn't think so.
      No point in having a youth squad if we only value money. We have Hardie, Dallas, Rudden, McPake and Mepude in the wings. Are they good enough? I don't know. But if we don't play them we will never find out, just waste money on a youth system we don't use.
      Let's trust management to buy where we don't have good enough youth coming through, but promote and develop where possible. We will never be able to compete with English Championshiop clubs on money, so we have to buy young and/or grow our own

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