67% of Rangers fans polled don’t want new signing to start – surprise figures…


Last week Rangers confirmed Oldham defender George Edmundson as our seventh summer capture, a League Two standout secured at £650,000.

The 21-year old arrived amidst much fanfare, but do Rangers fans share the excitement over his Ibrox prospects?

With the existing centre backs being Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic, more bodies were needed, and quite desperately at that – but surprising results from fans have expressed a lack of enthusiasm over the 6ft 3 colossus and his chances of starting, preferring existing options or hoping for further signings down the line.

In a recent Ibrox Noise poll, a stunning 67% of respondents did not want Edmundson in the first team as a starter, numbers we here at the site were very surprised by.

Sure, he’s hardly Alesandro Nesta or Thiago Silva, true, but the fact only 33% of fans wanted him in the first team suggests either supporters don’t have a clue, or the manager got this kid for depth and little more.

Either way it’s an eye-opening result and we wonder how many other summer signings would attract similar reaction.


  1. I voted no because I don't think any new signing should walk In too the team and katic and goldson are a solid partnership and will only get better doesn't mean we don't need quilty back up which I think he will be good signing just not ready to start yet

  2. Your (fans dont have a clue) statement makes it sound the other way round. Since Nicola Katic signed he has been a favorite with the fans and has hardly put a foot wrong. If George Edmundson proves to be a better player then the fans will get right behind him. The lad is thus far unknown so how could the supporters say anything else.

    • We love Katic, probably more than anyone, but to suggest he's hardly put a foot wrong is complete b*ll*cks, sir.

  3. There’s no getting away from the fact that 10 in a row is scarily within touching distance for them. So when we are bringing in L1 and L2 players, young ones at that, it doesn’t exactly build a great deal of confidence. Ojo, Edmundson and Aribo may turn out to be superstars for us, but how many times have we been hoping we’ve unearthed a gem for next to nothing in our quest to win silverware and lets be honest it’s never really happened yet, Kent being the closest to making any sort of impact. So again I feel we are waiting on that 1 or 2 class proven players, not sure Edmundson is that class we urgently require right now

    • Are you saying that we didn't unearth the finnish wonderman Kamara for 50 thousand or that he isn't a star? Morelos for a million is also chickenfeed compared to what 30 goals are worth. Tav for 200k also a joke how many more do I need to mention. A player is not worth what you sign him for he is worth what he delivers in performances. So has it really never happened yet or do you withdraw your statement as unthoughtout.

  4. He had a really poor game at Hamilton on a ridiculous surface . I dont really recall any others. If it wasnt for a stupid agreement on game time for worrall he would have been a starter in many more games.

    • He made a number of key rookie errors, a lot of losses of concentration and some lazy ball concessions. But we never held that against him – he's young and learning. Agree on the Worrall comment, indeed that's something you may have first learned of here on the site 😉

  5. Of course he not going to be fans first pick, and it probably better 4 him not to commit with added expectation, we need a top rate CB and a left back

  6. Can't imagine a fan base as inconsistent in backing the coaches and players year after year.

    BUT I do remember , aside from the last quarter of last season, the defence was dried. The midfield, inconsistent, aside from MacGregor pulling us out of the fire ala Goram style, we'd have dropped more points.

    Katic wasn't brilliant, he was ok.Goldson just above average.

    We NEED the changes, without much money.

    My only criticism is not utilising Docherty, Rossitter, McCrorrie, McPake, Dallas, Hardie.

    Maybe🤔 just maybe find like EVERYONE ELSE we have assets in our own household?

    ??????????? Middleton is everything Tierney is and not used

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