Monday, 24 June 2019

67% of Rangers fans polled don't want new signing to start - surprise figures...

Last week Rangers confirmed Oldham defender George Edmundson as our seventh summer capture, a League Two standout secured at £650,000.

The 21-year old arrived amidst much fanfare, but do Rangers fans share the excitement over his Ibrox prospects?

With the existing centre backs being Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic, more bodies were needed, and quite desperately at that – but surprising results from fans have expressed a lack of enthusiasm over the 6ft 3 colossus and his chances of starting, preferring existing options or hoping for further signings down the line.

In a recent Ibrox Noise poll, a stunning 67% of respondents did not want Edmundson in the first team as a starter, numbers we here at the site were very surprised by.

Sure, he’s hardly Alesandro Nesta or Thiago Silva, true, but the fact only 33% of fans wanted him in the first team suggests either supporters don’t have a clue, or the manager got this kid for depth and little more.

Either way it’s an eye-opening result and we wonder how many other summer signings would attract similar reaction.
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