Sunday, 30 June 2019

£50M reasons why Rangers can get what they want

This morning’s news of John McGinn’s potential move to Manchester United really is a hell of a lot less surprising than it should be.

An above average player, now plying his trade in the Premier League in England, and punters are genuinely shocked he could go to Old Trafford for £50M when no one batted an eye at a modest Crystal Palace defender going to the same place for the same price?

Let’s face it, this is the disgusting and comical going rate for reasonable football players now in a division which trivialised and ruined the value of currency a long time ago.

Money just has no meaning in England, where a John McGinn or an Aaron Wan-Bissaka now go for the kind of money that 10 years ago bought you Ricky Kaka.

And it further highlights as well that the current market for players really does have no rules left in it, and Rangers should well expect well above £15M for our better players. Frankly, well beyond that in truth.

If Celtic can sell Kieran Tierney, who barely played last season, for £25M, and Villa can sell McGinn for double that, it’s clear Rangers can hold anyone to ransom who wants our better assets.

The truth about McGinn is Villa were smart cookies to put in a release clause to his contract, meaning they get a vile amount of cash for a reasonable and no more footballer, while Hibernian get themselves an astonishing windfall as well with the wisely-deployed sell-on clause – if it’s 10% they’re already double with the sell-on what they made purely with the original sale.

But, as Steven Gerrard has said to us a few times, there just haven’t been any bids for our players recently, so it’s kind of a non-issue.

But the “McGinn Fallacy”, as we’ll now name it, is the latest non-rule, where common sense goes out the window and we define this fallacy as ‘any player will cost anyone anything’.

And if a player who was above average for Hibs only 12 months ago is now costing Manchester United £50M, all bets are off.

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