21 goals and assists? This man can replace Ryan Kent for free…


With the loss of Ryan Kent, Rangers fans may feel the loss of six goals and 9 assists, albeit whether that is exactly value for the £10M Aston Villa wish to splash out on the 22 year old is another matter.

Rangers will be unable to match that, but looking at the numbers more closely, Steven Gerrard has a returning attacker whose numbers last season at pretty much the same level pretty equal Ryan Kent’s.

Greg Docherty comes back to the Hummel Training Centre this pre-season, and while he is not strictly a winger, his numbers tell their own story.

Kent amassed 6 goals – Docherty got 10.

Kent got 9 assists – Docherty managed 11.

Without putting too fine a point on it – for all his pace, trickery and apparent danger, the numbers reveal a different story.

True, an assist and a goal was attained against Celtic, but outwith that, League One in England isn’t a million miles lower than the SPL, if indeed it is at all. And Kent’s goal v Celtic was matched by Docherty’s v EPL Wolves.

What are we saying? In losing Kent at around £10M-£12M to Villa, Docherty may already be able to replace his numbers, if not necessarily his position.

But in saying that, the ex-Hamilton man’s versatility last season suggests maybe he would be perfectly capable on the wing – we can’t know he’s not, as yet.

But ultimately, do we actually feel Kent’s numbers justify a near-£12M pricetag?

Probably not, not when our own £600K man did the same business at arguably as high if not higher a level.


  1. Very simplistic arguement… am not doubting docherty ability and he may have a role to play in the future. But doing the business for an English league one team against the demands at Rangers to win every week are totally different and not many players can handle it .

  2. I don't know if Docherty can replace Kent. But I believe he has the skill, if not the individual trickery and pace of Kent. If Kent is worth £12M, then Docherty is worth £10M.
    I think, I hope, Docherty will prove his worth next season. We need another AM to spell Arfield and if it is Doch, added to the depth we have on the wings, then we are another step closer to the squad we need and want.

    • Can I have some of what you are smoking. Docherty is worth £10m. A player we got from Hamilton who couldn't get a game in our first team and went out on loan to shewsbury. Now he will be back for preseason. But will he get a game before arfield, jack, kamara or mccrorie? No.
      So are they all worth more than £10m by your mind.
      Why don't you take a balanced look at things.
      Celtic were shit last season and still won a treble. For all Stevie G has improved the team we were still second best to a poor Celtic team.
      Players like docherty, jack etc are average at best. We need to get a better standard of player to stand a chance to win the league next season

    • Bigbaws, I don't smoke. try reading it again. I said IF Kent is worth £12M then someone who can outscore and outassist him is worth more.
      The point of the article was that Kent is not worth £12 million, certainly to us, because his numbers are not that good.
      You want better players? So do we all. But most of us accept that when players who have never played for Liverpool can command £12 M or £20 M, then we are not going to be buying good players. We can only buy potential and hope it develops.

  3. That doesn't even really make sense. Isn't that Kinda like saying a new leftback would replace Worral because he wins as many 50/50s?

  4. I must be missing something about Docherty that this site clearly sees. I know he is one of us and started promisingly but hes been to Shrewsbury in league one and suddenly hes gonna be our creative force?
    Hes got potential to be a good player no doubt. But IN and some of the posters would have us believe hes the new Fergie. Our youngsters struggle with the heap of expectation on them which causes many to sink after a few seasons. I think this happened to Docherty and McCrorie (and Beerman) under Caixinha after being thrown into a shite team with no leadership.
    Lets give him a good preseason and see how Stevie views him before we get hysterical shall we.
    Still, not as hysterical as Kamara being a £30m player, bloody hell!!

  5. There's a big difference between the 'genteel' football they play down south & playing against teams like Motherwell, Hibs and Aberdeen in the Scottish Premier. I doubt he'd have those stats, if he'd played up here for a full season. No offence to the lad. But let's see what he actually has up here, before we put all our eggs in the one basket.

  6. I'd put Docherty in front of Jack every day of the week, looking forward to seeing him back in a Rangers jersey.

  7. Love Docherty as a Player and Hope he gets a good Run next season but I wouldn't play him out of position as a Winger

    I'd Pkay him in the No.10 role 💪🏻

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