£20M announcement will leave Rangers cold


If one thing has become clear over today’s news on Liverpool’s Harry Wilson, it’s that Ryan Kent’s valuation has become understandable, but not acceptable.

The press down south claim Liverpool have put a £20M+ price tag on the Derby County loanee, while one barely half of that was put on Kent.

Now, this raises some peculiar questions;

Wilson scored 18 times for Derby, at arguably a higher level than Kent – playing in the same position albeit the opposite side. He also managed six assists, three less than Kent but the combined pair, of 24, clearly is vastly superior to Kent’s overall 15.

Liverpool are said to want the £10M+ for Kent, but for the value for money the player would give us, his numbers don’t justify it.

Wilson’s do – 24 goals and assists in the Championship having been equally as remarkable the previous season with Hull (24 in 26, yes, really) if not more so, proves this kid is the real deal and a circa £22M price tag puts him out of Rangers’ reach for sure – even though the press farcically linked Gerrard with an interest.

Wilson himself rejected Rangers as a loan last summer – he chose Lampard’s Derby over Gerrard’s Rangers and now Liverpool stand to make a fortune from him, just like they will from Kent.

But let’s not beat about the bush – while Wilson’s numbers have, for the past two seasons, been outstanding, Kent’s haven’t, and Jordan Jones and Greg Docherty are already worthy replacements as far as Rangers go.

This isn’t a diss on Kent – but he either comes back to Rangers for a modest transfer fee or as a loan – and those aren’t happening.

So, good luck at Villa, we guess!


  1. Let me kick off by saying i rate ryan kent very highly and would love him back at rangers,on a permanent deal,or worse case scenario,another year long loan deal.But harry wilson is on a different level to ryan kent if i'm being totally honest.As much as kent is a talented winger,wilson is a few levels up from kent and that's no sleight on kent at all.I would love both kent and wilson at rangers and if we did,i'd have no doubt we'd win the league next season.Putting my realistic head on,
    i know there's NO chance of that happening, especially regarding harry wilson.I've still not given up all hope on getting ryan kent back,
    on at the very least,another 1 year loan deal.God i hope so.

  2. Sure Wilson has a Few Goals and Assists for Derby, but He is also an Arrogant Overrated little Twat
    In my Opinion
    (before anyone gets offended)
    Kent is a Better Player because he has Goals, Assists, A Better Attitude and He Knows when to Pass the Ball
    Whereas Wilson is a 'Ballhog' or a 'Gloryboy'

  3. Wilson be worth the 20m, use the money fans pledged a few years back to keep the club afloat? As clearly it was nt used. would also have enough for Kent Id say?

  4. To much emphasis on such a young talent,he is young and inexperienced and some of his actions and performances have reflected that .I would be wary of bursting the bank on such youth and I think under stevie g jordan Jones will flourish

  5. I like the idea that we have good players already signed in Docherty and Jones . So let's get real here please we cannot compete financially with this level I think Wilson is good but not 20 Million good Kent is probably priced too high too. It would be good to get in a couple of good players but within our budget it has to be .

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