£15M bid might wake some Rangers fans up….


On the day that Celtic rejected a bid of £15M from Arsenal for Kieran Tierney, and Aberdeen rejected one of £5M from Celtic for Scott McKenna, we wonder just how much more the self-hating types who stain our support will try to defend the likes of Alfredo Morelos, Scott Arfield and Glen Kamara as being worth sub-£5M.

Look at the Tierney example. He barely has a dozen caps for Scotland. Kamara has the same for Finland.

Tierney has indeed barely played this season – just over 20 times in fact. Kamara has been heavily ever-present for both Dundee and Rangers. Both players have produced in the Old Firm encounter.

Tierney’s only ‘advantage’ over Kamara is European football experience. Both are the same age.

But Kamara must only be around £3M tops right? And Tierney is evidently a more valuable player…

Then we come to McKenna. Aberdeen’s prized asset, they were reported to have rejected an £8M bid last summer from a PL side, and once again the usual types in Rangers’ support didn’t bat an eyelid.

But the £11M from Renhe from Morelos MUST have been fictional, and Rangers players just aren’t worth that kind of money.

Every time we see these crazy numbers in pursuit of fellow SPL sides’ players, it only makes us giggle that many shortsighted ‘fans’ in our support continue to pour cold water over the similar value of players in our team.

It’s bad enough when SPL rival fans mock the idea Alfredo Morelos is worth £20M or that Tavernier could be close to £15M, but when some in our own colours lend them a hand but fail to question the reality of equivalent players in other sides being worth that, well, then we have no argument for you.

The defence, rests, m’lud.


  1. As a blue nose, I love to hear the prices our club is finally slapping on our players. We've had to listen for the last 5/6 years how Celtic players, mostly, are worth funny money. The fact we are now quoting large sums just proves how far we've come

  2. We took them to school, twice, at Ibrox. We, as in SG, screwed up the first visit to the piggery. But we tote them a new one the second time before blowing the game.
    Yet they think all their players are better than all of ours.
    And they will persist with that delusion after 55.

  3. I wouldn't take any less than 20 plus change for tav, and if they get 20 for Tierney then I wouldn't take any less than 30. He a twice the player. If morelos could keep himself on the pitch he could be heading towards the 40 goals a season mark. He would be worth a helluva lot of then.

  4. Therein lies the problem tho CURTISWAP Can Morelos stay on the pitch if he sorts that out and scores against Celtic then we have a 20 million plus player

    • Exactly. Goals will come against them he just needs to learn to control his temper. It's already cost him dear as it cost him a place in the columbian team for the cope America that he had his heart set on. It would also cost him a his dream of a Premier league move. If that doesn't make him wake up then nothing will and we'll be lucky to get double figures for him. I think we'll see a different morelos next season.

  5. Away n shite yer feckin deluded if ye think those two muppets are worth the figures yer talking. You have hung tavernièr out dry on morecambe one occasion as for El buffalo your just takin the pish!!!

  6. Torn Knee £20m.
    Surely then Tavernier with a combination of 26 goals and assists AND CLUB CAPTAIN AND EVER PRESENT worth £25m

  7. Arsenal are in talks with Celtic to sign Scotland defender Kieran Tierney.

    The Premier League club had a £15m bid rejected by the Scottish champions but are expected to return with an improved offer for the 22-year-old.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kieran was playing in England, he'd probably be worth about £50m……………….if thats the case tav wurth 50 easy considering tavs beter all round player goals defending beter

  8. No matter what Tav, Alphie and Kamara are worth I think it's essential that we hold on to them for one more season just to ensure we reach the inevitable end of the journey

  9. The reason Tierney gets quoted at those high prices is because he has won silverware and played in Champions League now I love Tav going forward but defensively he is suspect so he is never going to get quoted same price as Tierney and before we go into how many goals he scored 99% are penalties our fan base need to get real u til these players start winning things then their value will not be anywhere near as high as players like Tierney what I will agree on is Mckenna valuation is absolutely ridiculous by sheep as he is ok at best and if they think he is worth 8 to 10 million just now then they are in cloud cuckoo land

    • Spot on… At the end of the day, players are only actually worth what another club is prepared to pay; its as simple as that. Until someone actually bids £20 million for Tav or Alfie, then frankly the figures being bandied about are pretty meaningless. Its also worth pointing out the simple economics at play here – good left backs are are much rarer breed than right-backs, and consequently command premium prices due to the fact that demand outstrips supply!

    • You are right that many of Tav's goals have been set pieces. And that Tierney has won silver.
      BUT, Tiernay hasn't scored those goals and more importantly Tav has more assists than any player in the league. That kind of crossing is valued in England where they like wingbacks.
      I would be happy if McKenna went to Celtic, I really don't rate him.

  10. The market talks and in todays market they are well in that bracket I've mentioned. And if ye can't see that ye mustn't watch a lot of footbal. If ye can make it in the Scottish league your well set for the pansie arse premier league.

  11. Obviously no clue on what the role of the modern fullback is. Defending is an after thought his main priority is to assist the attack and he's doing that in spades. His defending isn't even that bad these days because he got a good team around him. 99% of goals ( would seriously doubt that percentage lol) from the spot but ye can't get assists from the penalty spot.

    • If Tav was such a good player, were are the the club's wanting to sign him?
      You may not like tierney but he is a great full back, good going forward and equally as good defensively. He's played in the group stages of the champions League and Europa League and is vice captain of Celtic. That's why teams like Arsenal are wanting him.
      Tav is good going forward, has no defensive positioning and often leaves his team exposed. He would get shown up in the EPL. That's why we won't get as much for him.

  12. Has there not been reported interest? West brom, villa and Brighton I think have been linked. So what Tierney has played in the champions league you can compare them on where they both compete and tav is head and shoulders above Tierney, that's a fact! Again I'll say the modern fullbacks 1stvjob isn't to defend, they play as wingers, that's how they routinely get caught out and probably apart of the reason why wingers these days can score 20 to 30 goals a season. Long gone are the days of a rigid back 4.

    • Tav is a winger now? Make up your mind, full back or winger.
      Full backs need to be able to defend, Tav can't.
      To say he is better than ternery is just crazy. I like Tav, can't defend but he's one of our best players. If he was better than tierney then we're are the offers. You say that west brom, villa and Brighton were interested ( according to the papers) were as arsenal are in for Tierney.
      There's a big difference in the quality of clubs interested in the players.
      Does that not show you who the better player is

  13. And anyway nobody knows what happens in the boardroom unless we are told. Nobody knows who's phone rangers and asked about our players. Only thing we get to go on is dodgy sites like hitc and football insider, less said about the latter the better lol. Only sites I give any credit to is ibroxnoise & rangers news. They dont always get it right but ye know they have the honesty there and they aren't making up stories.

  14. Arsenal are some team. And your tav is winger now make up your mind and that tav can't defend shows how much you truly know about football. Must be still stuck in the dark ages lol time ye realised what modern fullbacks do. Tav does it in spades. Twice the player Tierney is, and that's a fact. Stats will back that up.

  15. 14 goals 4 or 5 from open play 7 assists to Tierneys 1 assist I think. I know who I would rather buy 😳

    • Not them all. He's getting slated because he puts the penalties away. Only a rangers fan would do that lol

  16. "The defence, rests, m’lud"??!! Ibrox Noise, I'd regret having you as my lawyer if that is your defence!
    Steven Gerrard has confirmed in interview that no one has made a bid or have had interest into any of our players, including Tav and Morelos!!! Why??? Because they will never pay the 15-20 millions for them!
    As I have constantly maintained, both will be Rangers players next season, so please move onto the next case. The case where the quality has not been brought into the team that will win us the league!!!

    • The quality is already there. Its all about adding numbers now. They are turd and had a lot of help last season from us getting a lot more of our fair share of dubious red cards, retrospective red cards while they had hatchet men and not 1 case in at the compliance officer. On top of that we had about 20 new players. No team wins anything with that many new players it creates too much inconsistancy with too many new faces trying to get used to each other. We weren't that far behind them all things considered. Have faith my friend its on its way 😉

  17. For anybody that likes to bang on about how good Tierney is and how he's a much better player than tav, he's got 5 goals & 25 assists in 4 years, that's about a years work for tav lol facts are facts.

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