Sunday, 23 June 2019

£15M bid might wake some Rangers fans up....

On the day that Celtic rejected a bid of £15M from Arsenal for Kieran Tierney, and Aberdeen rejected one of £5M from Celtic for Scott McKenna, we wonder just how much more the self-hating types who stain our support will try to defend the likes of Alfredo Morelos, Scott Arfield and Glen Kamara as being worth sub-£5M.

Look at the Tierney example. He barely has a dozen caps for Scotland. Kamara has the same for Finland.

Tierney has indeed barely played this season – just over 20 times in fact. Kamara has been heavily ever-present for both Dundee and Rangers. Both players have produced in the Old Firm encounter.

Tierney’s only ‘advantage’ over Kamara is European football experience. Both are the same age.

But Kamara must only be around £3M tops right? And Tierney is evidently a more valuable player…

Then we come to McKenna. Aberdeen’s prized asset, they were reported to have rejected an £8M bid last summer from a PL side, and once again the usual types in Rangers’ support didn’t bat an eyelid.

But the £11M from Renhe from Morelos MUST have been fictional, and Rangers players just aren’t worth that kind of money.

Every time we see these crazy numbers in pursuit of fellow SPL sides’ players, it only makes us giggle that many shortsighted ‘fans’ in our support continue to pour cold water over the similar value of players in our team.

It’s bad enough when SPL rival fans mock the idea Alfredo Morelos is worth £20M or that Tavernier could be close to £15M, but when some in our own colours lend them a hand but fail to question the reality of equivalent players in other sides being worth that, well, then we have no argument for you.

The defence, rests, m’lud.
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