What has happened to Ryan Jack?


We find this topic a bit of a puzzle here at Ibrox Noise. We ran a poll some time ago about Ryan Jack, and even posited a theoretical ‘dream midfield’ a few weeks ago.

The poll put Jack a lowly third for the POTY nominations, miles behind both Allan McGregor and not a million miles behind Alfredo Morelos – the latter of course went onto win the club award from both players and fans, but after we questioned Jack’s lack of popularity, his detractors went into overdrive justifying his ineligibility for inclusion in a future ‘best’ Rangers midfield.

Arfield was welcome, Davis wasn’t unwanted, McCrorie found himself in there and Kamara had the red carpet too.

But Jack seemed exiled.

Some time later, as mentioned, we suggested that dream midfield, and went with consensus over the inclusions, by selecting McCrorie, Arfield and Docherty. Honourable mention for Kamara.

The feedback seemed absolutely stunned at the exclusion of Jack, and we find ourselves wondering if any Rangers midfielder has divided our support more than Jack seems to.

When we praise his performances we get slated for overrating a ‘bang average’ player, and when we’re critical he’s a ‘colossus’ and ‘future captain’.

Right now his form is a little indifferent – he initially benefited from a more advanced midfield role earlier this season, but this past few weeks in the new formation have seen patchy displays from him – not as dominant as we’ve come to expect and certainly quieter.

But it’s the fickle wider opinions we’re most bewildered by – opinion on Ryan Jack seems to change with the weather – one minute he’s mediocre, the next he’s a demigod.

Arguably, we’re guilty too – by both praising and criticising, but regular readers to the site will know we’ve mostly been admirers of his displays this campaign.

And as such, we’ll put this one over to you fine readers:

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  1. Jack is better then Kamara, who is overrated IMO.
    AM – Docherty/Arfield
    CM – Arfield / Davies / Kamara
    DM – Jack / McCrorie

  2. How about this for a thought…

    Why not accept that Kamara is as important as Jack. As he is to McCrorie. As he is to Arfield. As he is to Davis. A plethora of midfielders who are all as important as each other.

    You wouldn't see Celtic putting down Christie because Rogic is better. Accept that he is just as valuable as any of them as Gerrard said he's his most consistent midfielder.

    • You appear to be agreeing with us Coco? And SG today said Arfield has been not only our best midfielder but the best player in the spl by far the past month.

  3. Jacks best work is done just in front of the centre halfs, but he's still in my team all day long

  4. Absolute quality, forget that sheep shagger connection, could be a future captain. Team is so much better with him in it. WATP.

  5. We are not going to win "our" league with 3 midfielders, or even 4. We need 6. Jack will be one of those 6 midfielders.
    When 55 comes home, he will be lauded as all the others are lauded

  6. As ScotsWhaHae notes he is one brilliant part of a great squad – 55 coming home.

  7. Jack not as technical or has the vision of Arfield Davis but keeps going and knows how to score goals …I think he has eventually shaken off the disgraceful Sheep Shagger disrespectful way he was treated once he signed for us and also the venom and hatred from their fans MC Inness not blameless in that sorry situation too. I'm sure Steven Gerrard sees him as an integral part of his plans to win the league next season. I don't like Steve Clarke too much but would laugh like fuck if Killie pip the Sheep to Europe lol

  8. Jack has never dominated a midfield, hes been here several years now and tbh never stamps his authority on OF games. I think fans are guilty of seeing a player who gives everything and thats enough. He's Aberdeen level for me unfortunately. hes an alright player and Aberdeen didn't really miss him when he left. Arfields the same, not enough pace or flair to really make that step up. If we settle for these 2 we wont win the league.

  9. Comment on local radio after the Bury match yesterday “Jordan Rossiter once again by far the Man of the Match”. Going to be an interesting summer…..

  10. From the players listed I would say Davis and Arfield would be certain picks but Im hoping that we sign 2 quality midfield players that will push players like Jack to the fringes.

  11. IF Rossitter does not
    1: Return to Ibrox.. FIT
    2. Leave on loan only
    3. Leave with a fee that covers the £2000000 wages he's pocketed FOR NO RETURN


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