Three in two out – the latest transfer dealings at Ibrox


A very lively day at Ibrox is under way as news develops over a tonne of summer changes. Ibrox Noise takes you through some of the stories emanating about Steven Gerrard’s transfer plans within the past 24.

Jason Holt:

Latest word is the utility midfielder will be freed this summer – we have no quarrel with this. He gave us excellent service for years, and while the SPL exposed his weaknesses, Jason Holt delivered in the Championship for us superbly, and was stunning value for the £29,000 we paid. He will presumably be a Bosman for Joey Barton’s Fleetwood.


Some suggestions in the ‘press’ that Celtic want to make a move for the Mozambique international just to stop us. More conjecture than anything at this point, but with their history with Novo, Riorden and Allan to mention just three, not surprising. We’ve heard Steven Gerrard has offered the Rennes man a healthy wage to try to secure his services. If we are to challenge for the league, we need to take a bit of a financial gamble and we need to get there before Celtic nick him.

James Tavernier:

Apparently Birmingham giants Aston Villa want him, but unless they’re going to seriously hike his wages why would he go for such an unambitious move, no offence. No point him moving to the Championship – he’d want EPL. That said, the source to claim this as an exclusive has come out with  a tonne of such stories, very few of which turned out true. But we’ll see.

Craig Bryson:

This odd one is allegedly back on – on no level do we need this guy, but the press keep claiming Rangers are back to negotiating with the Derby midfielder. He’s a free, of course, being out of contract next month, but he’s 32 and we have no idea why Steven Gerrard would want this guy.

Zander Clark:

We’re all at a loss as to why we’d move for this guy either – a million squid when we could have Liam Kelly for a fraction of that? But we have been loosely linked with the stopper for a few weeks now.

Definitely more as we get it.


  1. Can`t see us moving for Bryson , thats just a load of nonsense .The keeper one is interesting in that we will probably need an experienced deputy .Clark would be a good signing but if they have asked for £1million it won`t happen ,just because they want that fee doesn`t mean we will pay it .Kelly left because he wanted game time so why would he come back to sit on the bench again . It would be best if he stayed at Livvy for another year and then maybe we would be looking to replace McGregor.

  2. There's reports that Mexer will be playing in France next season and as for Tav, he simply isn't good enough for the Premier league so could go to the Championship instead, their wages will be bigger

  3. Would far rather have Liam Kelly than Zander Clark. But perhaps better to agree with Kelly that he can stay where he is for another season, or even two, until McGregor is ready to go. Doubt he will want to sit on the bench and watch football – if he did, we wouldn't want him.
    Holt and Bryson, agreed. Mexer, SG has come out and said doesn't think so, but could be a red herring. If Tav goes, it should be higher than Villa unless they get promoted.

  4. I hate the shit about tav going he is great player for us ok defensive frailties but look at his assists and goals not just this year maybe we are sitting with a potentially great midfielder

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