Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Stevie and G-Mac 'announce' Rangers budget - and they don't agree...

Gary McAllister and Steven Gerrard have slightly blurred Rangers’ summer spending budget by sending differing messages about how much Rangers have in the kitty.

Gerrard, a number of weeks ago, admitted he had no idea how much he would have to spend, and that discussion would be upcoming:

“I think that’s probably a question you’d have to ask the board or Dave King. I don’t know exactly where we stand in terms of budgets and stuff just yet but I’m sure I will in due time.”

Meanwhile his assistant McAllister suggested there would never be an exact number at all!

“I don’t think it comes down to a number – any player we’ve tried to get here the board and owners have been very supportive.”

Interesting contrast – Gerrard clearly expects a ballpark figure, a barometer to work with so he can figure out what to prioritise and how to prioritise it, while McAllister suggests it’s simply a case of anyone we want to go for, the board will back.

Both answers are certainly useful – it’s nice to know that these discussions will happen, and Gerrard will know what he’s working with, but equally that the discussions will be open-ended and the budget will try to support whatever Stevie aims for.

Because to build a squad capable of winning the title next season will take more than a few free transfers and loans.

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