Ryan Kent and that £12M pricetag


So a Liverpool tabloid has today made a firm claim that Anfield have officially/unofficially put a stonking £12M price tag on Ryan Kent’s head.

Previously it had been believed it was £7M, then it was ‘anything up’ £12M, but now it appears, if this report is correct, that Rangers’ most dangerous player these days will now cost well over eight figures for Rangers to secure.

If, that is, we’re endeavouring to buy him outright.

First things first – arguments will rage over whether Kent is worth this kind of money, but whether we think it’s value or not, a young English player in hot form is always going to cost more than other nationalities, especially one who is doing it in the UK.

The fact is English players between 18-25 who are in form, in demand, and show impressive talent end up being valued at colossal sums.

Look at Kent’s technical team mate at Liverpool Trent Alexander-Arnold. Only 20 years old age, and two years Kent’s junior, but this Liverpool Academy graduate is already a complete mainstay in Jurgen Klopp’s all-conquering Anfield side, and is said to be valued anywhere between £50-£100M, depending on who you listen to.

Well over a year ago, before his stock had risen to its current level, he was already a £15M target for Juventus, and therefore it’s not unreasonable in truth that a player three years older and performing at a slightly lower level would fetch a number not a huge distance off that.

The reality is this is what players cost now. Rangers fans have to remember we’ve been out the Premiership for four years, and not been serious on major pricy transfers since our return. We’ve not spent much more than £3M on any player since promotion.

Whereas Celtic are casually throwing around up to £10M on players.

Because that’s the going rate now.

If we can get him again on loan, that would be ideal – because no matter how highly most supporters rate Kent, it would be borderline blowing most of our summer budget on one player. Even if he may be deemed ‘worth’ that money.

But let’s not be naïve and imagine a player of his stock, position, nationality and age isn’t going to cost cash like that.


  1. The season Kent has had with us YPOTY award and his performances for us has defo enhanced his value so it's a catch 22 situation for us . If he had a quiet season and did nothing for us his value would be a lot lower but he had a great season so we can only see his value almost double what was quoted when he arrived hence a 5 million pound player is now 10 to 12 million quid. Our club made him that better player and topped up his value so we are a victim of our own success here. Only my opinion don't shoot the messenger.

  2. “Performing at a slightly lower level”? Tonge firmly in cheek I assume…….

    Tricky one to value though as his loan track record is pretty poor apart from up here.

  3. Poor business on our behalf, we should have had an option to buy at a set price which at the start of the season after Kents previous loan history would have likely been between 2 and 3 million. If we are going to go for loans then they should be loan to buy at a set price or we just dont do it. Loans for established players like Davis and Defoe are different, young players like Kent and Worrell that effectively keep our own young players out of the team and are a punt that benefits only the parent team in the long run should be done so on our terms.

    • First in depth comment on this issue – we have simply added to his value this season ..

      No doubt we will buy the Shankland in a year or so from Hibs or Hearts once they have inflated his value !

    • I agree we are improviong another team's player. BUT, if that player is better than what we have, we are also strngthening our team while they are here.
      It is a tricky one, but I am selfish. I am more interested in Rangers than any one of our players. So happy to stregthen the team with the odd loan here and there. If we can keep them after, great. If not, go with best wishes. I think kent would like to stay, but it will come down to the price.
      FM, I think we should sign Shanland. Low cost, low risk, great potential gain.

  4. Again, I think you are missing a massive point!

    Ask yourself, how did he gain such a price tag when he was a relatively unknown when he came to Rangers?

    We have given this lad a world stage. We have given him the platform to shine, albeit a lower league in World terms. He had been broadcasted in the worlds media in a Rangers jersey.
    Who wins out of all that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Liverpool!!!
    That really sticks in my throat!!!
    If we had won the treble through him, I'd say it was worth it,, but??!!!
    We should get a percentage of his transfer fee, after all it was us that advertised him throughout the world!!

  5. Really think we should loan many of out players to other SPFL teams. Make them strong as possible against Celtic next season, but weaken them when they play Rangers.

    Grezda and Lafferty to Hearts, Middleton to Killie, Hastie back to Motherwell etc etc…I would even pay most of their wages if we had to as I think we need every possible advantage next season…

    • Totally agree. We should move any decent players we are not going to use out to other teams. Couple of midfielders too. If Docherty, Rossiter etc are not going to play, lend them to rivals who can hurt Celtic. Even the sheep.

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