Saturday, 11 May 2019

Rangers or Liverpool? Stevie's dilemma

Steven Gerrard leads his side out tomorrow for the final Old Firm match of the season, but this is one of the first times we can remember that the boss’s focus may not entirely be on us.

We know Stevie is a Liverpool boy through and through, and with the Premier League title decider taking place two hours later in England, right as the Old Firm ends, we can forgive him a little for having more than one eye on events down south as the race to the championship reaches boiling point.

Supporting two teams is very common these days, indeed one bookmaker has made a rather amusing ad about the idea, taking it a tad extreme, but the point is clear, and Gerrard’s heart will always be in Anfield, even if he’s at Ibrox.

In truth, it’s a bit of a tough one – Stevie has said on record that he’s got two teams now, Liverpool and Rangers. And while ideally we’d expect our manager 100% focused on us every match, we can certainly understand, on this occasion, especially given the gravity of the title decider, his attention being significantly swayed.

Of course, this is probably the least relevant Old Firm match since Kris Boyd finally scored v Celtic in 2007 and so we can allow the most important final day in the EPL since Aguerooooooo to grab most of Gerrard’s attention.

This is not to say we’ll slack – hopefully Rangers sign off their home season with a win. But there’s little doubt SG will be conflicted.

He wants to win against Celtic, he’s very much one of us now. We always want to beat Celtic, as such occasions are very rare these days.

But who can blame him for praying he sees the first Liverpool title of his relevant lifetime, and running off at full time to watch it?

We don’t hold this one against him. We know Liverpool are his team. And he’s embraced everything Rangers probably above and beyond what just being paid to be our manager could have expected.

So given what rides on this one (nothing, frankly), and what rides on Liverpool – he gets this one.

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