Friday, 17 May 2019

Rangers on verge of small piece of history - confirmed

Steven Gerrard’s Rangers have a chance to create history on Sunday with a stunning stat giving some idea just how in-form Rangers actually are right now.

The SPL split has been in effect for 18 years, since 2001, and in all that time not even Uncle Walter’s Rangers has managed to win all its fixtures in that period.

Not even the mighty Walter Rangers of 2007-2011 or Alex McLeish’s treble-winning Rangers after the split began was able to win every split match.

Steven Gerrard’s Rangers is one fixture away from achieving that – 3 points at Rugby Park will mean a full haul post-split, which given how inconsistent and at times poor we’d been up to it and how low our hopes on the site were of a good points haul were, is frankly absurdly astonishing.

And yet here we are, one goal conceded, four clean wins in a row following another two pre-split and on the cusp of a small piece of history.

Impressive, to say the least.

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