Rangers must double bid for key summer target – reports


Rangers need to seriously up their bidding intent if they hope to land Oldham’s George Edmundson after two paltry bids of £450,000 then £500K were both binned out of hand by the Boundary Park side.

The League Two outfit are essentially currently managerless, but that hasn’t stopped the board seeking around at least double Rangers’ most recent offer if they are to allow the 21-year old stopper to leave, with reports alleging they want over seven figures to sell.

After the recent purchase of Lloyd Kelly by Bournemouth, a Championship left back of a similar age to Edmundson, for a price of £13M, it’s evident Rangers would struggle to get the Oldham man for the low bid offered given his age and the simple fact he’s English.

He is lowly League Two, yes, but Oldham are not going to let prize assets go for peanuts, and Rangers will need to make a serious offer to secure him.

More on this story as it develops.


  1. "given his age and the simple fact he’s English." What has the fact that he's English got to do with his price? You've lost me on this one…

  2. Budget buying, Rangers. There better, be at least one or two HUGE £££ purchase, or WTF? Budget buying our way to success. Cos that's always, been a recipe for continued success and silver-ware, winning. I'm getting concerned.

  3. Are we serious about this player? If we dont think hes worth 1mil, is he worth having? Maybe hes 'one for the future'

  4. This lad has potential I have seen some bits of games he has played. Unfortunately when we or someone else of our stature the prices goes up . When you see the money we have squandered buying the lad would be less risky as he is looking for a springboard European football winning something , hopefully the league so I say let's go . We have obviously done some work on him .

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