Rangers, Celtic, and 10IAR


One vague phrase on the lips of many Rangers fans over the past few years and accelerating as Celtic won their eighth on the trot is ‘10IAR’ and the fear that regardless of mitigating factors helping them achieve it, Celtic had nothing to stop them desecrating the sacred 9IAR record both clubs have, and becoming the first in Scotland to break that run.

Indeed, it’s even had a number of fans worried about renewing – what’s the point watching Celtic romp with ease to 9IAR next season.

At least, it did till yesterday.

As we said earlier, make no mistake – for the first time since 2011, Celtic are genuinely worried about Rangers. They have not had a great season, and it was enough to win the title over a poor Aberdeen and an inconsistent Rangers.

But for us to have strolled to wins over them twice, and managing to produce our best football of the season during the tough split period gives a serious preview of our intentions next season.

Of course, the work continues – we need better and more defenders, we need strikers, and we probably need creative midfielders – but we can rarely remember a time here at Ibrox Noise when our Rangers side played like it – like the side who would be King.

But while we’d never pretend it’s the finished product, that performance yesterday was a side flirting with challenging at the top – a side who’s starting to believe and a support willing to do likewise.

With a few key signings in the right areas, Rangers will be equipped to stop Celtic from winning 10IAR. We might not manage it next season, but going by the evidence of the past six matches, it will be the hardest of their 9 titles to win, by a mile.

10IAR seemed a dead cert only a few months ago. There seemed nothing we could do at Ibrox to stop Celtic from claiming it.

The goalposts have definitely shifted now and Celtic’s cycle is coming to a real end. Rangers are ready to seriously mount something in the next two seasons.

And we can’t wait for it.


  1. No matter what anyone says we did think about 10IAR a lot ! Now I am confident we will win the league next season . We need 2 strikers a midfield creator another LB and RB and another CH . Looking forward to next season it's a pity we didn't get better in the silly games as we could have done 55 this season .

  2. Why was the keeper wearing no 13 I thought it had been agreed never to use the no 13 because of stairway13 disaster it was the only sad part of a wonderful proud day WATP ♥️🇬🇧

  3. Agree with BillB that we have needs including strikers – but would note that Hardie, Dallas and Rudden are all heading home. Not saying they are all ready but suspect one of them will come in as an upgrade on Lafferty. If Morelos goes, we will need, and I am confident we will get, one decent striker in.
    We need an alternative to Arfield at No 10, in case he is injured or to spell him out. But we have Murphy and Dorrans coming back, Stewart joining and perhaps a youth player stepping up. Kent, Middleton and Hastie may rotate through the No 10 slot too. So plenty of options there. If Barisic stays and I think he will then he and Flanagan can cover LB with Halliday as backup. Flanagan and Polster can cover RB. We do need 2 CBs
    An interesting thought will be who are the players to leave to make space in the squad. Grezda, MacAuley, Wallace, Worrall, Coulibaly, maybe Dorrans, Lafferty, maybe Candeias. I think McCrorie needs to go on loan if he is not going to play enough. Not sure we can justify Docherty and Rossiter if we are not going to play either. One or both may have to go out on loan again.
    SG has a busy summer ahead. Don't envy him the decisions but have faith he/we/Rangers will get it right. That's why we are Her Majesty's Loyal

  4. It's easier to win, with the pressure off. I want to see what they're like, when the pressure tap is full-on. Our consistency, must be improved in the coming season. We need to get rid of all the dead wood. Not keen on loaning the dross, out. Just get rid and get what we can. Cut our losses and move on.

  5. I think 10IAR has been a distraction to the fans causing unwarranted expectations. We can't just win the league because we want to. We definitely need better players to win the title back. If we go into next season with more or less the same players plus Jones and Hastie but minus Kent we won't win the title. And when we win it back we'll need better players again to keep it.

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