Massive summer signing may just have been made harder for Rangers…


Despite strong competition from new signing Jake Hastie, Motherwell’s David Turnbull and Aberdeen’s Lewis Ferguson, Ryan Kent last night won Scottish PFA Young Player of the Year.

We’d have to say on balance Kent just about deserves it. Hastie’s stats have been unreal, Turnbull impressive, and Ferguson is certainly a rising star of Scottish football.

But while Kent has been perhaps a little inconsistent, when this lad has been on his game it’s been devastating and totally unplayable.

Around five or six absolutely mammoth performances at all levels of competition this season have shown just what he’s capable of, and borderline terrified the life out of opponents. Just ask Scott Brown.

But this award, while merited, may have a curious cost attached – could Kent’s already steep value have hiked even further as a result?

He’s just won YPOTY – that’s a lucrative award, and he’s won both club and national – surely he becomes even more valuable and into the £10M+ region?

Steven Gerrard has been completely transparent and clear about this – he wants him to stay. Kent himself is happy at Ibrox and while not explicitly stating that remaining is his choice, he’s warm to the idea.

But he’s not going to be cheap, and this award, while justified, won’t help that price much.

Liverpool have seen their previously worthless dead rubber bloom into a valuable asset, at our cost – we’ve covered before our potential disappointment that they won’t apparently help us with price.

And now winning this accolade could only help to increase the amount he nets them.

Of course, there’s possibility of another loan – it’s not ideal, but it would be better than losing him – which, given his astonishing development, is not impossible – his return to Liverpool for a real fist at the first team.

There are rumours Derby’s on loan Harry Wilson may too be set for a recall to Anfield – Kent’s value now surely could make that possible for himself.

Obviously, we want to hold onto the lad. We hope something can be sorted to make that happen.

But while we congratulate him on the awards, they’ve only made holding onto him that little bit harder.


  1. Kent loves being here, I'd be gutted to see him go back to Liverpool next season, hope the manager pulls out all the stops to keep him for at least another season

  2. I feel we are missing a point here,,, Kent was no where near the valuation at the beginning of the season. Due our world wide media exposure in high profile games, he is now worth millions. Who gains those millions for our world wide exposure? Liverpool!!
    I don't know about you, but I feel a bit aggrieved by that!
    If we don't get any percentage of Kents transfer if he goes, after all our marketing, then it would be a disgrace and we will be no better than a feeding club for the financial bigger clubs! It's not as if he won us the league or any cups!!

  3. Young Kent has been excellent for us but let's keep this in perspective please ! He is not even close to Liverpool first team squad and this fee that is being discussed is well exaggerated. I agree he would easily make a lower EPL team. But Rangers have been lacking quality for a while . It would be good if we can do a loan deal but that's all.

  4. Grezda is definitely away in the summer, spoke with one of his mates on sat night and he's almost definitely heading for Turkey!

  5. The only way we'll get Kent is on another loan which would be great. But there is an up side to how we've developed Kent. Surely Liverpool and other big clubs would see the potential of sending promising young players to Rangers. Playing in front of 50,000 every other week, competing for trophies, playing under huge expectations at a big club, etc.
    PS Harry Wilson, who might've have been ours, has done even better with 16 goals for Derby this season. One that got away. What would that have done to our season?

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