Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Legend departs amidst continuing controversy...

Without any form of social media presence in his name, it was left to Lee Wallace’s wife Stephanie to announce the former Rangers captain’s departure from Ibrox, and to thank supporters for their loyalty and messages of backing since his signing in 2011.

Indeed, while gushing about her husband’s time at Ibrox, Steph at no point praised the club and those in charge, nor should she.

Her statement was clear – Wallace loves the Rangers, loves the fans, loves the institution that is Rangers, but the way he has been treated since that Old Firm of last spring year counts as an appalling blot on the club’s copybook, and while manager Steven Gerrard at least gave him a fitting send off, the boss’s similar casting out of the left back is a stain on his own.

We will never truly known what genuinely happened in that dressing room with Murty, Wallace and Miller, but for the club’s board to 100% back a Celtic-supporting manager over two of our own men says a lot.

But regardless of what did happen, they both essentially got expelled while Murty got his old job back. And few fans have supported how the club handled this.

Meanwhile Wallace departs in his usual dignity – a classy message from him to his people, to those who supported and backed him the past year amidst testing times, thanking them and praising everything about them and Rangers, but managing to be justifiably critical of how he was axed and treated.

Speculation is rife that Wallace’s next move is Dundee United, assuming they get promoted and overcome St Mirren (very possible), and while most Rangers fans have no love for the Arabs, we certainly won’t begrudge Wallace going wherever he needs to go to get his career back on track.

Lee Wallace, you’re one of the People.

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