Is Steven Gerrard set to pull a sensational rabbit out of the hat at Rugby Park?


Steven Gerrard could be set to give a sensational place to returning midfielder Greg Docherty following the 22-year old’s outstanding loan at Shrewsbury ending and the former Hamilton man back at Ibrox.

The-now attacking goalscoring midfielder has been in absolute red-hot form down south, and the overwhelming majority of fans want to see him back in the Rangers shirt, but while Docherty’s development and performances in League One were both of the highest order, he faces a hell of a battle to regain a Rangers shirt given the depth Steven Gerrard can call upon in Docherty’s area of the pitch.

But he is back training at Auchenhowie again – he’s officially a fully-fledged Rangers player again and may sensationally come into contention for a place on the bench today at Rugby Park. Or even better.

It’s a great problem for Stevie to have – his depth in the middle of the park is almost ridiculous, matching or perhaps even exceeding anything else in the SPL now, and a player of the quality of Docherty in reserve only enhances that.

In the end Shrewsbury had an ok season, surviving the drop with a handful of points, but Docherty, with all due respect to the Shrews, is destined for greater things.

And maybe that starts in Kilmarnock today.

NB: or maybe it doesn’t! We occasionally get things a little wrong around here – Docherty is on holiday in sunnier climes right now and won’t be playing much of a role at Rugby Park we wouldn’t imagine. Well, we think the lad can play, but maybe not well enough to start from hundreds and hundreds of miles away….


  1. Docherty has all the attributes to go on and be a good player for us, but there needs to be perspective. You say a player with the quality of Docherty and his outstanding loan spell?. With all due respect he was at Shrewbury and finished 18th in 24 team league behind teams like Acrington Stanley, Burton Albion, Oxford and so on. To put it into perspective Fleetwood town finished 11 points higher with Jason Holt in the team. Would you be so eager to claim Holt as outstanding and quality? You clearly view Docherty through the same glasses you view Halliday and Candieas. I know Docherty has added goals and assists and looks promising but put things into perspective and let's see what the lad has before calling him quality! What I am saying is a good loan spell at the bottom end of league one doesn't automatically make you Rangers quality does it? Are Shrewbury, Oxford, Burton Alboin, Fleetwood any better than Dundee, Hamilton, Livingston etc? WATP

    • Odd how you keep peddling this line about us loving Candeias Will – based on a few matches where we rated his performances highly. Beyond that we've literally no idea where you get this idea from. We don't rate him! We also don't especially rate Halliday these days either – Flanagan has made his cameo at LB a complete memory. You seem to get some odd ideas in your head, and regardless of what the site says you stick by those. Your prerogative, we suppose!

    • Well because it was just this season. If your view on Candieas and Halliday and Flanagan and Defoe have changed so much in the course of a season then it kind answers my point does it not? Why use such superlatives about Docherty when he's done zero yet in a Rangers shirt. Being positive and hopeful is one thing we all need and Docherty I hope will become a good player for us, I have a feeling he will, but at the moment he hasn't! he has scored 7 goals in 41 games in poor league with the likes of Accrington Stanley, Oxford and so on as I've said. If he played in Attacking mid for us next season and got 7 goals in 41 games would we call that quality and outstanding? Doubt it..

    • P.S – I am not having a go. I am all for being positive, I am just pointing out that Docherty is not proven or shown anyone he is good enough for Rangers yet has he?

    • Well he's delivered against EPL opponents in the cup, and was excellent for Rangers alongside Goss in February March 2018. He also has a bunch of assists in League One. And Holt didn't have an especially great loan at Fleetwood – meanwhile, did you know Docherty won Shrewsbury's player of the year?

    • Yes I seen Docherty won player of the year and I've seen some snippets and he looks good. Full of energy and running. I am just saying that doing well in league 1 doesn't neccessarily make him the quality we need or even that he will be a stand out for us. Goss is a good example. He was never Rangers quality, yet he had a couple of decent freekicks and lots of fans were talking like he was a pure star! Same as Ball, same as Oduwa and plenty of others! Docherty will need to be miles better than any of these guys and do it consistently to be even close to taking a midfield berth from what we have already! Don't you agree?

    • ……Docherty has done nothing in a rangers shirt to justify the hype surrounding his signing….and playing against drivel in lower English leagues means nothing……big season coming up for him and hope he goes on to be a success……

  2. I might be wrong (wouldn't be the first time!), but because of the loan rules I don't think he would have been allowed to play for Rangers until next season.

    Let's hope he does well in pre-season and proves himself good enough to compete for a place in the team.

  3. He couldn't play any way he's contract to end of May so was never going to happen. Crazy story guys

  4. He couldn`t have played anyway he was loaned to Shrewsbury this season , so he is unavailable to play for us until next season.

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