Have the SPFL made a huge gaffe with the POTY nominations?


The Scottish Player of the Year candidates were announced yesterday and while the chosen Celtic players were no real surprise, we are rather astonished here at Ibrox Noise over who was selected from Rangers.

We won’t argue too much over Alfredo Morelos – he’s the top scorer in the country, despite the red cards, the baggage, the circus and the failures against Celtic – he’s delivered a lot. That Rangers are playing superbly without him is kind of irrelevant – we wouldn’t give him any POTY awards as far as we could throw him now, but we guess we can understand why an impartial awards ceremony would look at him.

We’re still not thrilled with it though.

But it’s Ryan Kent’s nomination which has us dumbfounded. Don’t get us wrong – he’s a wickedly talented winger, with ability that can destroy many defences – he absolutely crushed Celtic last year and he has over a handful of great individual matches this season where he stood out and really showed his capabilities.

But Rangers have played more than a handful – they’ve played around 60 matches and we can’t help wondering why a winger as inconsistent as that clinched the nomination.

Even more bewilderingly, once again Allan McGregor and Scott Arfield are completely overlooked, despite being easily our most consistent two performers this season. The latter was ignored entirely for the club POTY award, and the former obviously didn’t win either the PPOTY or fans award.

But they’re conspicuous by their absence again with these national awards.

In reality, Callum McGregor is a stick on to win, with Forrest probably the second favourite. Morelos’ appalling conduct this season counts completely against him and Kent’s inconsistency against him.

But the bizarre refusal to recognise McGregor and Arfield, to us, is just that. Bizarre.


  1. Not that bizarre when you think about it, they both decided not to play for the Scottish national team. Albeit Afrield quite some time ago but as we know the powers that be in Scotland hold grudges when it comes to Rangers.

  2. Is it not a free vote among the players and then at this time of the year the top 4 are announced as the nominations rather than just name the winner .There is no agenda other than players not voting for teams players that they don`t like.Its not a gaffe its just peoples opinions.

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