Monday, 6 May 2019

Dumped Ger might be scratching his head...

We can’t be the only ones wondering? While we admit Halliday is no left back, he did more than admirably when he had the shirt and certainly didn’t let his team mates down.

And yet, while it justifies itself via results, he has been a strange casualty of Steven Gerrard’s shakeup and hasn’t really had a look in since Jon Flanagan took his place weeks ago.

In his ‘defence’ Flanagan has been mostly decent – regaining much of his early season form – but he too isn’t a left back, and is out of position over there.

Meanwhile as we know Lee Wallace is done, and Borna Barisic only made the bench (like Halliday) yesterday.

It’s a strange one, and we’re not even necessarily critical of it – results justify every decision Gerrard has taken recently and this system (more on that later) has picked itself.

Halliday is a Bear through and through and will do anything to be part of the club. He’d be a cleaner if need be – he’s that loyal. So he won’t mind not playing as long as the team is doing well.

And it is doing well, despite a scratchy second half yesterday.

But there must just be a part of him wondering why Flanagan, hopeless at Cowdenbeath in January, got his place back ahead of him.

But, as long as we do keep winning, the ends justify the means.

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