Confusion over bizarre Rangers transfer story…


So as we know Rangers have been ‘ambitiously’ linked to Watford’s star striker Andre Gray. Ok, so ‘ambition’ probably doesn’t cover moving for a striker with 9 goals and assists in 31 appearances in England’s Premier League, and who remains the record signing by the Vicarage Road side costing anywhere from £10M to £20M depending who you read.

His current value is still in that range, as the 27-year old excels for a high-performing Watford who sit 10th in the table.

And yet, club sources are serious that Steven Gerrard has ambitions of replacing outgoing Alfredo Morelos with the ex-Burnley man.

We can’t fathom why we would make a move for a striker of that value, in such a lofty position in the most lucrative league on earth, and who seems way beyond our means. Even on loan.

But, perhaps that’s exactly the point.

We suggested on the site recently that a marquee defender was a must, a Jake Cooper or Martin Skrtel – someone who will cost big money either in a fee or wages, but who can have a Virgil Van Dijk-esque impact on our defence.

Equally, wouldn’t getting a similar kind of striker have the same gravity too?

Morelos is definitely finished – he will leave if and when a good bid comes in, and we’ve already announced we expect around £20M for him. If we do get that, evidently we will have funds to support Steven Gerrard’s search for an ambitious replacement, and it may well be that he’s targeted the ex-Shrewsbury hitman as the way forward.

The question is why would Andre Gray want to give up a cushy gig in the EPL for the clugathon that is the SPL?

Rangers might be a much bigger club than Watford (no offence), but unless we intend to hike his wages to a level which we simply can’t afford, we’re confused about the whole story.

It’s true that with a tonne of the dross being freed/sold like Pena, Herrera, Lafferty, Barisic and Grezda, plus the exit of Morelos, there will be budget to play with.

But someone like Gray can command well over £50K a week. Is it worth it?

We’ll keep our eye on this story with great interest.


  1. Why not we got Defoe we can get him no problem. Him and another 4 or 5 in that range stop 9 in a row at all costs fuck the fair play system . Fuckin bankrupt ourselves again and the the beggers. That's all that matters to me fuck the consequences WATP.

    • Bkuebear did we go bankrupt yes or no it's a simple question. We did and I would go bankrupt again to stop 9 and 10. And calm down with the TAIG script you sound like a right FUD .

    • You seriously are so fucking obsessed with our club, you would love to see us going into liquidation again you fucking prick, you rubbing your rosery beads again that we go out of business once and for all? Try getting a job and stop trying to get on the Jeremy Kyle show due to pumping your sister

    • You silly bhoy bluebhoy going low with your school bhoy humour but tell your maw and your sister sister I was asking for them ya fuckin nugget . Away off on one just because I have an opinion and it's the truth.

    • Bluebear you spoke of liquidation not me. But explain how we or our club can go into liquidation again liquidation can only happen once maybe your the TAIG talking rather foolishly behaving like one. Only my opinion and opinions are like arseholes everybody has one.

    • Agree. I'd take 10m but nothing less.

      Andre Gray will be on more than 80k per week. When you consider Mark Warburton missed out on Adrian Mariappa (who couldn't get a game at Crystal Palace but was on 50k per week!!!) and consider the wages have got even more silly down there since then so we have zero chance of signing Gray – or any other EPL first team player under the age of 33.

      Age 33+ they might have made their money, fancy a new challenge and win trophies (like Defoe, Keane etc)

    • Watford fan here – just reading these comments to see how seriously you gauge the rumour.I have to say that you overestimate the wage structure at Watford slightly – Andre Gray is on a £70K per week contract, which is actually ten times more than Adrian Mariappa. Which is odd really, as many fans see Mapps as the more valuable player. Gray can be frustrating – mainly as his first touch isn't what it should be for an EPL player. We tend to use him as an impact player – bringing him on in the final 15 minutes or so more often than not, as his biggest asset is his speed against tiring defences – which scares the life out of them. Personally, I doubt if he'd agree with a move to Rangers, but I guess you never know in football. Mariappa, on the other hand, might be a worthwhile recruit for you – he's a solid, committed and dependable central defender – is also our stand-in club captain when our own red card machine Deeney can't play. But, having said that, we need him at the moment too – central defence is our problem area.

  2. Why are you so certain Morelos is leaving. He was given an unfair time by refs, administrators and thugs who pose as footballers in the Scottish league. But he is young. Having Defoe is great but he is old at having both will be ideal. Forget Gray. Red herring.

  3. No matter how hard I try to convince myself that there is any truth at all in the rumour about Andre Gray, I find it impossible to take seriously. It may be a convenient rumour at season ticket renewal time…not that I am suggesting anything of course.

    I also wouldn't rule out Morelos being here next season, his own stupidity will have put off some potentially interested clubs, and his value will have fallen as well. No chance of us getting anywhere near £20m now, I agree with Bigblue that £10m is a more realistic number. Whether we would sell for that remains to be seen, so it all adds up to the possibility of him not being sold.

    • I agree. I think Morelos' value has dropped with his inability to control his discipline. I think as a result he could be here next season while we hopefully sort out his discipline and rebuild his value.

  4. We won't get £20m for Morelos, so may as well get that out of your heads.griffith at the manky.mob scored 40 in a season and there is no way Celtic would have got that for him.
    Let's be realistic or else we will be stuck with a player who can be trusted

  5. Truth, we were liquidated, truth, we still have no audited accounts, truth, we can't afford to pay £70 or £80K a week for a player, truth we will bite any teams hands off for £10M plus for Morelos, truth while we are in better shape this year than the previous two, we were still not good enough against a team who had more injury problems by a mile than we could handle, truth ref decisions go against every team not just us stop whining, truth we are obsessed with the wrong things, 55 being one, decisions have already been made for next seasons squad, hopefully the youngsters we are signing can do it and the older players can see out a full season, will it be enough, hopefully but other clubs will not stand and watch, wait or worry, think what we would be saying if the ball was on the other foot J

    • You must be a bundle of fun to sit beside. Isn't it enough to accept we are better than we were last season and will be better again next year.
      As for injuries you seem to forget that we lost Murphy and Dorrans for virtually the whole season and also had lengthy and/or multiple injuries to players like Goldson, Barasic, Jack, Kent, Coulibaly, Grezda and Rossiter.

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