Celtic vulnerable; can Rangers strike?


So we’ve held off from this topic on a legal minefield ground, and we’re still going to be very, very careful about what we say, but for anyone under a rock, all appears to not be too well at Parkhead and this is very much a situation Rangers can exploit.

Steven Gerrard is making major strides – sure, we’re not spending tonnes of cash, and presently Celtic’s squad is probably stronger than ours, but after the excellent split results, Killie aside, this is something our manager can work with.

But given what we’re hearing over from the east, if it has the gravity and implications it appears to, they could be in more than a spot of bother going forward and Rangers, despite not being quite back at our 9IAR best by any means, could still take advantage of developments from that part of Glasgow.

From what we’ve heard, Rafa Benitez and David Moyes to name just two have rejected the job, while Celtic have only been able to ‘offer’ it to Neil Lennon who’s not even accepted it yet. Apparently for the same alleged reasons.

Meanwhile Rangers slowly try to prepare for the new season by enhancing the squad even if the chances of a big sexy signing are limited. It appears the budget will not allow a big splurge of cash, but as Gerrard and McAllister have said – whoever they go for, the board tends to back them.

Celtic have real issues off the pitch – and they could be vulnerable in a completely unexpected way.

While we don’t strictly equate it all to expecting the title next season, many fans already did – they demand 9IAR be stopped, and while Celtic have seemed vulnerable for a while under the guise of ultimately false dawns, this one is quite significant.

Time will tell how this story plays out, but if Rangers quietly get on with preparing properly for next season, what goes around, and went around, will come back around again and maybe we’ll finally see the right things happening again for our club.


  1. The most significant comment i've heard is from Peter Lawwell who has said "we don't need a rebuild" – the return of the biscuit tin mentality? Roll on next season.

  2. Celtic settling for Lennon is a big deal. Their fans don't want him and if things don't start well they will turn on him very quickly. They have the money to bring in a top class EPL level manager who would almost certainly attract the players to allow them to win the league but they chose Lennon. It's got to be arrogance or stupidity.

    Gerrard is hopefully much wiser and more experienced going into his second season. On paper Celtic might have a superior squad but we proved we could match them in OF games. We suffered badly with consistency but hopefully that will change with SG's experience.

    I believe that we have been given the best opportunity to end the journey next season. I'm a natural pessimist but I'm feeling good about next season.

    • And from what im hearing it could be in the region between 60M and 80M, reason they wont be spending any cash and trying to save every penny they can, Lennon left the club after a mutual agreement over things that happened when he was there, it wasn't to be the new manager of Hibs, he had to walk or everything would've come out what he was up to and now they cant afford anyone better due to the upcoming court proceedings

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