Allan McGregor and the unacceptable


We hold our hands up in conceding we have no defence for Allan McGregor’s astonishing act of gross stupidity yesterday.

We love this goalkeeper but we have pointed out the strange needle in his game, much more subtle in his first spell at Ibrox but completely ridiculous nowadays – we were slaughtered by many for being negative, but we stand by our original thoughts.

But equally we’re really rather disgusted by the response of many fans to this latest act. Sure, call him a hothead, call him silly, call him foolish – but strangely, Alfredo Morelos, who was immune to being slurred by fans despite 400 red cards this season and multiple suspensions and who got a huge cheer on coming on yesterday while vividly admitting he wants to leave, got a lot less aggro than one of our own who want to stay and simply made, again, a stupid inexplicable mistake.

We were appalled to see all manner of four letter curse words at McGregor, all sorts of vile insults from our own fans, the same ones who never used any of these words at Morelos after suspension number 3432.

This is not to say they should have attacked Morelos too – the fact they didn’t is the way it should be, and criticise but not smear personally.

But the aggression we saw about this offence aimed towards McGregor, inviting him to kindly depart, or calling him Richard, or a sexually promiscuous Richard and other manner of extreme names was beyond the pale and unacceptable.

We get it, emotions were running high and he misses the Old Firm. But that’s absolutely no excuse for the gutter aimed at our number one that we saw yesterday.

He’s been our best player this season along with Arfield, and he came back when he could have had a far better paid gig in some Middle Eastern nation or, hell, the Premier League – but the moment he makes a big error in judgement his supporters nail him to a wall and destroy him?

While letting Alfredo Morelos off more lightly with worse crimes?

It’s not the Rangers fan we are familiar with around here, not the dignified supporter we believe our fanbase should be, and anyone who hurled faeces at our goalie yesterday should feel a sense of shame for doing so.


  1. I don't know anyone too overly upset with McGregor yesterday. His kick out was a bit of an eye opener though but in general its him missing the next game that's going to be disappointing.

  2. ye big goalie has been our best player this season he can do no wrong in my eyes will be big player next season think the fans were frustrated as we were well below par yesterday ,thought gerrard would have tried something diffrent played youngsters , w,a,t,p

  3. The manager was completely hacked off with him yesterday in the post match interviews, so whatever the ugly parade differences between the relative behaviours of Shagger and Morelos, SG has a big on-field discipline problem to fix. McGregor got sent off because he was frustrated with what was going on in front of him. When Rangers performance levels drop (like the second half yesterday) there doesn't seem to be anyone on the park that can shout at them, get in their faces and get them moving, which points to a lack of leadership. It's not going to come from Tavenier or any of the back four. Of the rest, only Arfield comes close. Halliday has the character and personality, but he's never going to be a regular starter. We've got some good footballers but no leaders.

  4. McGregor should be made to publicly apologise to the Rangers fans how embarrassing at least Morelos has the defence of being naive and being tricked into his offences whats McGregor s excuse

  5. should never been allowed to wear the jersey again along with lafferty,whittaker,naiesmith,ness, and

  6. I think Morelos has been slated plenty for his behaviour but generally there had been sympathy with some of his sending offs because they were undeserved .McGregor got plenty of sympathy for his retrospective ban which was undeserved but no-one can understand why he kicked out when there was no real challenge on him and why he does this every now and then. He is an experienced international and should know better.He had just pulled off another unbelievable save so why was he so angry. Forget all this frustrations about how the team was playing or blaming lack of leaders , thats a crock .He is just a hot head at times and needs to calm down.Fortunately it was too late to cost us and he will only miss an OF game that means nothing except pride .

  7. Can’t say I’ve seen any of the vitriol to which you refer although I’m not surprised by it. Was it any worse than some of the comments that have been posted on here about Tav, Worrall, Halliday, etc?
    The keepers’ actions yesterday were unacceptable as were the referees – why was the Hibs lad booked? Our club has been made to look ridiculous by the behaviour of a mature international goalkeeper (speaks volumes for the state of the Scotland squad) and the league once again looks like a pub league as far as officiating is concerned. I wonder what the likes of Gerrard, Defoe, Arfield and Davis make of this given their experience in the EPL?

  8. El Shagger can do no wrong on my eyes, just a shame he misses the Sons Of William v THEM

  9. I disagree with all the comments I personally think the ref got it wrong so does the hibs player involved big Mac doesn't have a malicious bone in his body again it's the sfa agenda to punish the club in what ever way possible the red card should be resinded and Mac restored to face our rivals on sunday as for the tradition of giving them a gaurd of honour we should tell the where to go after the waye their club has treated us respect is earned not given and they wouldn't do it for us remember the hudle what I think stevie should do is not play morelos I'd start with defoe morelos should show he has learned his lesson about his temper and this game is likely to boil over and the sfa will punish us more than our rivals after all it takes two to tango and any of our players who step out of line should be punished by the club to teach them

    • Let's not embarrass ourselves by claiming the referee had it in for us. McGregor deserved to go. His actions were stupid and petty and was disrespectful to his team mates and players. I doubt if even he wouldn't accept that. It's maybe the 3rd or 4th time this season and he absolutely deserved his retrospective ban from the Pittodrie game. That's not slating the player it's just calling it as it is.

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