A bitter end for Rangers star – injustice?

A bitter end for Rangers star – injustice?

We noted with interest the recent story about inevitably-departing Lee Wallace and the possibility of his switching to Dundee United.

Wallace is loved by Rangers fans – his cameo last weekend was one of the highlights of the season and the biggest roar in Govan since Jack’s winner v Celtic. This is what the man means to Rangers supporters and the treatment he has been meted by the club for the past year goes down as the most ignominious conduct our club has committed since promotion.

The truth of what really happened will never truly come out, unless Wallace himself decides to dish the dirt, and the same with Miller, but nevertheless, we know categorically the former Scotland international and Rangers captain deserves a hell of a lot better than a potential Championship side in the first place, while one who is most certainly not an enemy of Rangers in the way United are.

Wallace has a living to make, and he’s one of the few we wouldn’t grudge wherever he went – in many ways he’d want to stick a finger up at the board who cast him out like this, and arguably even reserve a little animosity for his soon-to-be former manager Steven Gerrard who never gave him a chance.

Even though Gerrard did the decent thing giving him a send off, his overall attitude towards Wallace was extremely poor and it was surely his call to axe him, and not the board’s. We’ll never really know.

But even if they do get promotion, Waldo surely deserves a far better twilight to his career than Tannadice. He knows, just like Greg Docherty does about Hibs, just what the history between the clubs is, and there is no way he’d ‘want’ to go there.

But unless a host of English Championship/League one sides come in for him, it may be where he ends up.

And it would break our heart next season to potentially see Wallace against us in the colours of the Arabs.

No justice.

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  1. Too right. Lee has been treated in a disgraceful way. Just for telling Murty what he was doing wrong? The suits in the Ibrox boardroom should be ashamed of themselves and so should Gerrard for not giving his best left back a game.

  2. No justice? I don't buy it. Yes, he stood by us when we dropped and in doing so earned an absolute fortune over the prevailing years when signing his new contracts on wages likely multiple times greater than he would ever earn elsewhere. All while playing against part timers and "small" teams. Hardly a sacrifice.

    More recently I'm sure he's been aware his Rangers career has been finished for some time. The reason becomes irrelevant once you accept it. Then you move on. Yet rather than look to move on and use his few remaining years to find a new club and play the sport you'd imagine he must love, he instead sits quietly in the background draining further millions from the club. Again, most likely far more than he could ever earn at another club.

    He, and others, may feel that is deserved retribution for perceived unfair treatment, but personally, I don't care who you are. I can't support any 'footballer' who is content to sit idly by and receive thousands upon thousands of pounds each week for doing diddly squat. That just shows you to be more interested in the money than the football.

    Is he a hero for staying to support and help the club? Or just a smart businessman for knowing he would never earn half the money elsewhere?

    Two sides to every coin.

    No justice…..or no honour?

    • You need to be careful here TB – this is sounding too much like a realistic assessment rather than the usual teary-eyed nonsense we’ve been reading lately. I’ve nothing against the lad but if he was as good as posters on here are making out, he would have left in January. By the way, nobody actually knows what Gerard’s overall attitude to Waldo was – only that he hasn’t been selected. There’s a difference.

    • If I was your boss and told you I didnt rate you and thought you should move on, would you leave immediately or would you wait until you'd found a new job that suited you….???

      Wallace could have earned similar money in English Championship, like Naismith/Whittaker etc but he chose to stay and lead the club back through the leagues. Are you now saying he should have done that for free…???

  3. The board bombed him out a disgrace. As for where he goes who cares. The guy still has to earn a crust be it the Arabs or even the beasts money is money

  4. Im assuming the fans in here dont want to win the league since they want to keep him? He wasn't excellent before we dropped down the leagues, he wasn't great under warburton et al. We had the worst defensive record of modern times. Loyal yes but rangers quality he's never been! Im sure he's a great guy but found his level at hearts imo. Over commits and sells himself and slow to turn leaving us exposed. Happened a lot but always ignored as hes a fans favourite

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