£10M reported loss is bad news for Rangers


As we suggested in recent entries, the Ryan Kent deal to Rangers is 99% dead. Steven Gerrard had put in a loan offer to Liverpool to retake the winger’s services for a further year, but John Terry’s Aston Villa have reportedly trumped that with a hard cash £10M offer to permanently capture him.

And that’s numbers we simply can’t compete with, hence Gerrard then making strides towards fellow Anfield youth graduate Sheyi Ojo.

It’s rather sad, in this day and age, that Rangers just cannot compete on any level with a side with pretentions to be in the English Premier League, and especially not on a financial one.

We have advocated some calculated risk spending, but we just don’t have the funds to splash out £10M+ on a single player, whereas most sides in England’s second tier can rather casually splurge numbers like these on a player with huge gamble factor. After all, Kent has been a career dud until Rangers, and failed twice in the English lower leagues already, and now Villa are ready to spend eight figures on him?

It just highlights the disparity between England and Scotland – sure, Celtic have managed some big signings in recent seasons, but they too would struggle up against a Championship side with the might of mass spending clout in their armoury.

And to Rangers these days even a ‘lowly’ £3M on an unproven player is a big risk – look at Goldson and Pena – £6M combined and we can’t say that was close to £6M well spent and it leaves a bit of a vacuum in our coffers, one that revenue, right now, isn’t quite able to fill.

No, Sheyi Ojo beckons, and if he impresses, which he likely will given his CV, Rangers have boosted another Liverpool kid to eight figures and Jurgen Klopp has new funds for another shiny new player.

It’s not an ideal way to do business and Rangers don’t get a lot at the end of it but we can’t see any other way right now.


  1. Let me start by saying every player,
    no matter how good they are,can be replaced.Now that's out the way,i truly think ryan kent will be a big loss for us.Although his stats would probably be deemed good but not great, for me that doesn't tell the whole story, about how good kent has been for us and how important for the team in general.I think kent's stats read something like 6 goals and 9 assists which i think is decent.But what the stats don't tell you about kent's worth,is the goals he's involved in,at the start of moves,which are not direct assists,
    as he's had a hand in most of our attacking moves,but maybe not the final assist at times,that has led to goals scored for us.He brings so much to the attacking element,of our team.He's by no means the finished article,but will in my estimation,
    only get better and better.He will improve on his goalscoring and final ball assists,i've not got one smouldering doubt about that and he'll go on to be a fantastic winger for some club, whoever it may be,i was really hoping it would be with us.For me without trying to be hard on any of our wingers kent is easily much better than jordan jones,jake hastie,glenn middleton etc.Thats not me saying these wingers are not going to be good for us, because you can't call that this early,in their rangers careers.Its just glaringly obvious to me, that ryan kent is a good few levels above them.I had a really bad feeling at ibrox after our latest 2-0 old firm win, that we were watching kent saying goodbye to all us rangers supporters, he's grew to love, just like he loves playing for rangers and without question cares deeply, for glasgow rangers.If ryan kent does end up signing permanently for aston villa,then the very best of luck to the young man and villa have got a player alright.
    Most of us understand, our club can't afford that sort of money,to permanently secure kent's signature.
    I've always said and thought the best we could have hoped for,was getting kent in another season long loan deal.Unfortunately thats football and the gulf in finances even between the english championship clubs and rangers, the biggest club in scotland.My strong going away message to young ryan kent is,it was a privilege to have watched you playing in a rangers jersey young man.You were outstanding against celtic twice and good in another game against them.You ripped mikel lustig apart,as our song for you states.He didn't know if he was mikel lustig or michael caine.Better to have had you and watched you, strutting your sublime skills for rangers,than to have never had you playing for us at all.Good luck young man,in the next chapter of what i believe, will be a fantastic career.I personally will always look out for you and how you're doing.Once a bear, always a bear.Kenty you're in our hearts.I've no doubt your 1st choice would have been to stay with us.Finances have probably now, put paid to that.

  2. We have had the pleasure of watching this good young talent all season and he contributed to us doing two things we haven`t done in years , qualifying for the group stages in Europe and beating Celtic twice .In fact he has been a standout in the last 3 OF games. If we do take Ojo and he does more of the same then it will be worth it and if Liverpool benefit then so be it , why else would they lend us players.As for your jibe at Goldson , out of order , he has been well worth the £3 million we paid for him. I am beginning to wonder if there are any players that I.N rates .

  3. I think fans are looking at this the wrong way. Sure Kent has come in and done very well and consequently has boosted his value to Liverpool. Would you rather he came in and played like a dud and have him offered back to us. Of course not. Kent to me is the perfect loan signing. Comes in, makes a good contribution and moves on. Next please.
    We've also proved to big clubs that we can take their young talent and nurture and improve it at the same time teach them the basics of playing at a big club competing for trophies with high expectations in front of 50,000 fans.

  4. If that is truly the state we're in, then we're winning nada, for a few seasons in a row. Seems supporters are just propping up an ailing club. We need new owners, prepared to invest. That is NOT King & co. Who are looking more and more, like just the latest custodians.

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