Steven Gerrard has made a huge statement – and Rangers fans won’t like it


When Ibrox Noise ran a poll recently over the left back slot, one of the entries was less tongue in cheek than a lot of respondents realised.

The question was who would Steven Gerrard start at LB – the options were Jon Flanagan, Lee Wallace, Anyone But Lee Wallace, or Other.

We already knew, 100%, Jon Flanagan was starting – we expressed this in the piece and described how there was no chance Wallace would feature, and were quite surprised at the naïve responses (no offence) which had Wallace starting by a landslide.

And confirming our suspicions correct last night, Lee Wallace remained axed from the match day squad when the only available FB otherwise to replace Barisic and Halliday was Flanagan. This was the final nail in the coffin of Lee Wallace’s Rangers career.

Just like Kenny Miller, Wallace is not going to get to say goodbye, he’s not going to be given a little send off – the way the former captain has been treated first by the board and now by Gerrard is nothing short of abhorrent, and sends a message that loyalty at Ibrox means f*ck all if Graeme Murty takes a disliking to you.

Whatever happened in that dressing room at Hampden doesn’t matter – Wallace has been treated like complete scum since, regardless of what he gave up to remain at Ibrox. Sure, he had a young family, and he was being handsomely paid, but a Scotland international could have got more in the Championship, or the EPL, and even though moving would be a hassle, many other footballers have done it at even more tender stages of their lives and careers.

And he’s been rewarded with a banning, and now complete exile. It’s an extraordinary insult, and very few Rangers fans, even those with the most faith and trust in Steven Gerrard, have backed the manager’s handling of Wallace.

Even last night when RTV’s Tom Miller mentioned the ‘three’ left backs vying for the slot, it took Andy Little to remind him of the former club captain. As if ‘Wallace’ is a toxic and taboo word around Ibrox these days.

Wallace has somehow turned into a complete pariah, and the best he will get is a wasted year of his career and a kick out the back door.

At least the fans recognise what you gave Lee, even if the club couldn’t care less.


  1. Al not be renewing mine and my daughter's season ticket if Lee Wallace is not the captain in the last game of the season at ibrox

  2. Its my 1 major disappointment with Gerrard. Whether his hands are tied by the club or not his management of Lee Wallace has been nothing short of disgusting! His comments in the AGM that he has better options than Lee Wallace for left back was ridiculous. If he genuinely thinks halliday,flanagan and barisic to an extent (heart of a mouse)…i am seriously concerned about his judgement on players! Lee Wallace SHOULD be playing. There is no arguement!

  3. GavH to agree. Whatever happened last season, it should be balanced against what he has given. He should be allowed back in the turf to say goodbye, so that we can also say goodbye to him. He earned it

  4. Lee has been an excellent servant to the Rangers . Unfortunately it was coming that he would leave due to long term injuries and age and Whatever went down with Murty etc. was a disgrace by everybody . I thank Lee for his excellent committment to the Rangers cause in the dark days. I agree with IN he deserves a proper send off and thanks both at Ibrox and financial too.

  5. I agree 100% he has had a rough deal from Rangers a little bit of honesty would be appreciated all we want is for someone to come out and tell us what has he done to be excluded from the starting line up when we have a makeshift left back Halliday a player who is so bad Flanagan and Barasic who is never fit in front of him in the pecking order Maybe the truth will come out one day for the reason why he has been ostracised

  6. Murty is a complete cunt and should've been banished from Auchenhowie, never allowed back at our club, and as for Gerrard he can fuck off back to Liverpool the scouse bastard, it's absolutely shocking what has happened to our Lee, he deserves so much better, loyal to the end and getting treated like a piece of shit

    • im wi you blue bear are we supposed to be grateful gerrard is here ,end of the day weve been pumped all over scotland this season ,too many celtic minded at our club ,as for lee been treated like a bit rubbish ,majority support are with big lee fantastic servant,w,a,t,p

  7. I don't particularly think that the lee wallace situation at rangers has currently anything to do with steven gerrard.It is a club and board of directors stance,regarding waldo.For the record and for me personally,i think the treatment of our former captain is shocking.Lee wallace showed no ends loyalty regarding rangers.He stayed,when he could have signed for either ipswich town or notts forest.
    He's been totally castigated,by our board of directors.Lee wallace always gave all,for the cause.He absolutely adores rangers,of that there's little doubt.He most definitely deserves his chance to say his goodbyes,to the rangers supporters.Surely to god,he should be allowed to say his goodbyes to us all,at our last home game of the season.Thats not too much to ask,for a loyal servant and club captain,like lee wallace.I most certainly wish waldo all the very best wishes,wherever his career now takes him.He absolutely gave all for the club,he's now grown to love.

  8. Lee has been treated disgustingly by the board. He stood by the club when other's jumped ship, what has happened to loyalty, I've been supporting Rangers for over 65yrs, and can never remember a former captain being treated
    in this manner. The board should hang their heads in shame

  9. The lee wallace situation at rangers in my opinion,has not much at all to do with steven gerrard.Its the club/directors that have taken the stance regarding waldo.Its totally shocking imo, the way our directors have castigated a very loyal,former captain,of our great club.The treatment of him,has been nothing short of shocking,in my eyes anyway.Lee always gave all for rangers, the club he's grown to absolutely love.He remained so very loyal to rangers,when he could have signed for ipswich town or notts forest.Waldo always gave all. I most certainly wish lee wallace all the very best wishes,in the next chapter,of his football career.Surely to god he should be allowed the opportunity,to say his goodbyes to all us rangers supporters,
    at our last home game of the season.
    Thats not too much to ask for.Waldo will always be regarded as a massive part of the rangers family.He stuck by us with pure dignity and i for one,will most certainly stick by him.No board of directors will ever be able to take the RFC out of waldo's heart.Its etched in for eternity.Thanks for the memories lee wallace,dignified, legendary,
    former captain of glasgow rangers. I will never forget your loyalty.He didn't come as a rangers supporter,but
    he'll sure as hell leave as one.Thanks again for the memories LEE WALDO WALLACE.

  10. But what did he do, I think it is pointless discussing, we might never actually hear the truth unless Lee actually makes a statement confirming the event and what he actually did. Otherwise, it appears the Club has made their mind up and us supporters are just left to wonder…. not good enough from the Club, we pay our money, we deserve more information than we are given, particularly around Lee J

  11. The situation regarding Wallace happened long before SG took over and it was probably the decision of the board that Wallace would be leaving without a send off. Nothing Gerrard could do about this his hands are ultimately tied. However, I go against the tide here and suggest that SG is correct, he does have better options in that position. Need to get over this and start looking ahead. What is done is done and thats that.

  12. Rfc would Never have treated a loyal servant like lee wallace the way they have
    And i personally blame the lack of understanding s/g has on the matter ,and as far as i'm concerned steven gerrard the jurys still out on you , based on our past performances against inferior teams ! ! A loyal supporter of 60 plus years

  13. Nobody really knows anything about what happened last season OR how Wallace has behaved behind the scenes tbis season. SG is big enough to stand up to the board if he thinks Wallace is good enough. He obviously isn't. There is no loyalty in football. Time to move on.

  14. SG is the manager and while he obviously has a say in team matters, I strongly suspect that he has been instructed by his employers that Lee Wallace is finished and not to be played. As I do not know what happened in the changing room, I cannot offer an opinion as to whether or not that is justified.
    But I remember what Lee did for us and feel it is very sad. I also think he has earned the right to grace the pitch before he leaves

  15. As a Club we have made Wallace a few million quid.
    He wasn't ever Rangers Class , his level was in lower leagues, we All saw this thb.

    Our Best player for LB or LWB will be Barasic without any problem, imo. All he is missing is the getting used to this rubbish Scots football where every second touch can result in a tackle.
    Yes, wait and see, with a proper pre-season, this lad Barasic will become Brilliant for us.

  16. The way he has been treated by the club is nothing short of Disgraceful.

    And Screw the Send Off
    …The Man Deserves to Stay!
    …He Deserves Another go at LB

    It's Murty who should be Exiled!

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