Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Should Rangers sell Scott Arfield?

With today’s breaking news that Southampton seek the services of one of Ibrox Noise’s favourite outfield players Scott Arfield, we have to consider the situation seriously.

Arfield is the wrong side of 30 now, and as outstanding as he’s been this season, if a worthwhile bid comes in for a player of his age it would be a brilliant profit on what was a free.

But would we want to lose our midfield leader? The player who makes the engine room tick?

It shows the quality of his performances and the esteem he remains held in by England’s top flight that a 30-year old Rangers midfielder is coveted by a solid side who are probably just about safe from relegation, and we’d expect any bid to be above £4M to be taken seriously.

We’ve been looking at the fan response to Arfield closely this season – we praised him recently after his stellar show at Motherwell and were intrigued by the criticism many fans have of him. One commented that he just didn’t stand out enough to warrant the praise, or a POTY nomination.

Which suggests to us many fans misunderstand his role in the team in the first place.

Nevertheless, Southampton and people who know football can see it, and if a top-flight side in the EPL is interested, others will too.

We rate Arfield highly, as one of our finest players, but money talks and everyone has a price. If Ralph and co. bid high enough, we’d admit he’s vulnerable to the sale.

But are Rangers in a position we can afford to sell a player of that stature?

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