Shameful embarrassment at Ibrox – Gerrard takes action…


So Rangers’ fringe players managed a 4-4 draw with Liverpool U23s recently, and the talk of the match is just how badly the squad men did in that first half and how Steven Gerrard’s admission of ‘embarrassment’ may just spell a big cull of the chafe in Govan come this summer.

The starting XI to face the Anfield kids was:

Foderingham, Polster, Worrall, McAuley, Barisic, Halliday, Dorrans, Coulibaly, Grezda, Morelos, Lafferty

And 4-0 down at half time before some Auchenhowie kids changed the outcome is a deep deep embarrassment and you’d have to say it justifies Gerrard’s apparent policy of bringing in what feels like squad players in Hastie and Stewart given the ones we have evidently either don’t care or aren’t good enough.

Who knew that our squad depth was so poor – that even despite bringing in the Polsters, Worralls, Coulibalies and Grezdas the deputy bench options for Gerrard to call upon are this horrendous?

We suggested we weren’t terribly happy with Jake Hastie, Jordan Jones and Greg Stewart, but clearly they’re not exclusively for the first team – they’re to replace the overpaid garbage sitting on the bench and embarrassing the club and our manager with utterly decrepit displays.

In that line up sits £8M of Rangers’ outgoing transfer fees – and all it had to show for it was a gubbing over 45 minutes from lads far younger.

Is it any wonder we’re bringing in these young players to try to improve the standard of an evidently poor squad?

There appears a dramatic drop between Rangers’ XI and the fringe players, and while the second half was much better, that the first half happened and played out the way it did was a huge indictment of the personnel involved.

We’d be happy enough with the bulk majority of that XI gone this summer – the only two we’d actually keep would be Polster (on grounds we have no idea how good he’ll be for us, so give him a chance), and Halliday, for LB cover and squad use.

Otherwise, the absolute rest can go. No exceptions.


  1. Massive overreaction to what was little more than a run out for squad players.
    Think you need to keep these games in perspective.

  2. Our squad really does need investment but thats what happens when you bring in 20 players since the Summer.

    It's fair to say Ibrox Noise he will be showing Lafferty, Worrall, Macaulay, Dorrans, Coulibaly out as quick as he can irrespective of this game do you not think?

    And if possible recouping what he can on Grezda who is 2nd worst to Sadiq. I would genuinely take Jones over Grezda, Hastie over Lafferty and Stewart over Dorrans all day long so they're not bad replacements considering they will be instant upgrades albeit not blowing you away but I expect the quality additions still to come. I have to say Lafferty has dissapointed me so much this season. 19 goals last year and has shown none of that form.

    As for Morelos and Barisic we have a strong hand and can sell them handsomely as they both have value. Barisic 3-4 wouldn't be too extreme based on his International exposure and I'd take 12-15 Morelos.

    Replacements: Greg Taylor at Killie has been very under rated in the SPFL and Olly McBurnie if we could offer 6/7 million I'd bring him up the road. 19 goals for Swansea he would score 20 a season up here no problem and he's a Rangers man so wouldn't be sent off all the time like that dud!

    • Sensible comments. As you say, we can upgrade the squad cheaply and save money for a couple fo quality buys.
      I like McBurnie, but if he was as big a Rangers man as he professes, why did he sign a new contract when he could have been just 12 months from joining us on a free? Agree on Taylor if Barisic goes. Maybe he will settle, or maybe Scotland just isn't for him. Some players prefer football to what we somethimes have to play here.

  3. If you were to say to me that was going to be the starting 11 before the game against the U23s, I would have still said we would have got beaten 4-0. I have been saying all season, buy mediocre, get mediocre! That is why we will keep fighting for second place in seasons to come.

  4. That's poor from that 11, worse still, it's against the Liverpool U23's that are not already out on loan in the Championship or otherwise, not their best youngsters! Surgery needed but we can't bring in squad players as they wouldn't be any good if they want to come and sit on the bench, we need to fill the margins of the team with our own kids that have shown in these games and tournaments that they can step up as individuals and fill the gaps if needed. It increases their value and they'll be far more hungry – win-win!!

  5. No exceptions ? Not even Morelos who is our best striker , possibly our best player and definitely our top scorer.I don`t really care if he had a bad game against Liverpool U23s he`s had enough good games to get a pass .Without seeing the game we don`t know who S.G meant although the biggest clue may have been the 4 players subbed , Lafferty Grezda ,Worrall and Barisic .He`s been complaining about 3 of them for weeks and Worrall doesn`t seem to take smaller games seriously .After his dropping for disciplinary reasons he may have played his last game .

  6. Can someone shut that pair inept pundits up that is mcmanus and Sutton they are not doing scotish football any good as for the sfa decision on brown is disrespectful to scotish football the green half are getting away with everything as do the otherrors scotish premier league teams and we all no why

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