“Rookie error” – how Stevie must learn from this big mistake…


So with Steven Gerrard’s recent admission about Eros Grezda, Borna Barisic and Kyle Lafferty, strongly hinting he’s not happy with the three of them and that the trio may well be on their ways out this coming summer, we have to look at the manager himself.

And, for that matter, Rangers’ scouting network.

So much hype has been made over Director of Football Mark Allen and Chief Scout Andy Scoulding, plus Gerrard himself, when these guys eventually formed Rangers’ management team, that it’s only fair to call out what a complete disaster those three recruits were.

Let’s not be unfair. Allen and Scoulding were a major reason we secured Scott Arfield and Allan McGregor, plus while Connor Goldson has not quite been Carlos Cuellar he’s been reasonably good.

These were all signings sanctioned by, approved by and in places initiated by the manager as well as aforementioned pair, so we must give credit where it’s due.

Unfortunately, Gerrard is pretty much squarely responsible for the mistakes that were Barisic and Lafferty, not to mention the farce that has been Eros Grezda.

Gerrard had a modest budget – around £10M. With that cash he has effectively wasted £5M on three wastes of salaries, players who simply haven’t delivered – and he has to be called on that just like Pedro was on the hideous Hispanics who engulfed our club last season.

Goldson we can’t really say is truly value for money – he’s been fairly good, no more, but not £3M worth, while Jamie Murphy was no one’s fault but has again been a waste of cash given how it’s turned out.

Indeed, the only money we could argue that Gerrard truly used well was £50,000 on Glen Kamara and the £2M on Nikola Katic. It’s not the best return really.

In Stevie’s favour he’s a rookie boss who will make errors. And unfortunately last summer he made quite a few costly ones.

And the farce of Grezda? How could Gerrard willingly sign a player (and spend £2M on him) who was clearly injured? Injured a year ago, he wasn’t even able to face us – rumours abound that Barisic heavily recommended his former team mate, but then Gerrard didn’t have to listen. He pulled the trigger on that risky move and it’s been a complete joke.

For all that is good at Ibrox at this precise moment in terms of form and players in the XI delivering, this is a definite blot and we must be honest about it.


  1. Have you got trusted information that Barisic recommended Grezda to Gerrard and he was solely responsible for the signing of Barisic and Grezda what did you expect from him new to management his first season you also state we must look at the manager so what do you suggest is to be done by that comment? I personally think we are going in the right direction with him as our manager so stop all the moaning and groaning and get behind him and support him

  2. I will blame Gerrard for a complete failure to win anything this season, wrong formations, playing his pals and bringing complete duds to the club, he should've started at MK Dons not Rangers and in Gerrard I do not trust, sorry guys

  3. Grezda was a panic buy after murphy got injured. Utter garbage. No excuses this time for poor signings, plenty of scouting must have been done.

  4. FFS, get a grip everyone. If you expected miracles and 100% success on every decision, more fool all of you.
    SG has made mistakes. Can everybody who has never made a mistake raise their hands, please? Thought so.
    I think he has made some poor buying decisions. In hindsight, which is always 20/20. I also queried Kamara and thought Davis was a bad idea. I got some calls right, like a striker I didn't want. But I think that Goldson has been a decent buy and for a very good price given he came from the Premiership. Katic also good. Barisic not so far, but he is a Croation international, ffs. Give him another season. Worst case, we should get our money back. Plus.
    He took us into Europe, so has made back all the money he spent. Keep the faith.

    BlueBear, who should we have brought in? I disagree about Kent being a dud, same for Arfield, Goldson, Katic, Flanagan, McGregor and Kamara. That is half a team. Yes there have been mistakes. But after Pep turned us down we were always going to have to settle. Let's see what next season brings. If he wins the league, will you change your mind?

    • Goldson did not come from the Premiership: He came from the Premiership reserves and who in their right mind would ever pay £3m for someone so slow and whose distribution from the back is appalling. Just watch what all opposition teams do when he has the ball at his feet.

    • He only made 8 appearances in the Premiership, but that was because of a health problem. When he had fully recovered, Brighton were happy with the pairing they had and did not want to disrupt it. Goldson felt he might not break into the team unless or until one of them lost form.
      When we bought him, many Brighton fans were unhappy that he was allowed to leave.
      Doesn't make him Van Dijk, but he is/was a Premiership defender.
      I think we mayt struggle to find someone with a better Premiership record on sale at that money. But if you know someone, please tell SG on the QT, then let us know.
      For reference, Kent has no appearances and has ben quoted at between £6 and £12 million. Liverpool last summer sold a striker who had not played in the Premiership for I think £19 or £20 million.
      Not saying Goldson is perfect, he is not. We buy the best we can afford and hope to improve them.

  5. Fuck sake give him a chance. It's his first season as a manager and he's making good progress. I can't believe the negative shit that comes out people's mouths. We ate making steps in the right direction. You could never expect him to win the league in his first season. Rome wasn't built in a day.

    I think next season we will push on again and win the league. With one season of learning now he knows what he needs. Yes grezda has been shit but I believe there's a player there in Barasic if the manager wants to keep him. He's not a Croatian international for nothing. Just need to try get the best out of him. Www bit of weakling and dealing and all will be good. Trust me gerrard will win the leagle no doubt in my mind. Niw he has the team on a good run destroying teams imo lately I think that will stand us in good stead next season. Watp.

  6. I have to disagree with the assessment that Goldson and Katic haven't been value for money. We'll eventually sell both for more than what we paid. Goldson would have cost more if he didn't have his medical problems. £3m is nothing these days. If Tav is worth £10m then both Goldson and Katic have arguably performed to their value

  7. Think its a bit over the top about the croats,barisic has had a couple of bad injuries and grezda has hardly had any games,you can't judge players on that,plus the are coming to a new country and new style of play,it takes some players longer to settle.

  8. I am more than happy given our silly results this season draws at home with total pish St Johnstone etc. that we still managed to come an easy 2nd . I enjoy watching Rangers much more this season too we play with more movement flair and winning ability. Given the last 2 seasons this better .

  9. Its easy to be critical after the last 7 years but look across the city at the signings Rodgers has made. Quite a few duds!!! De Vries, Gamboa, Kouassi, Benyu, Compper, Morgan, Musonda, Hendry, Izaguirre, Mulumbu. And they werent all free transfers either. Obviously all is forgotten because he could do no wrong. Over hyped by their own media and over rated.

  10. Gerrard will not deliver the league. This season has been a failure to say the least. We lost it due to poor attitude towards the lower teams to whom we dropped crazy, league costing points. Put out the cup TWICE by the sheep! I have been to every home game and a handful of away games this season. There is nothing to suggest to me, that Gerrard can reach the required consistent standard to win us the league. And before anybody asks me again, Jurgen Klinsmann!

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