Rangers players have made a big call…


In a previous entry we discussed our disagreement over Alfredo Morelos winning POTY.

The Colombian scooped both awards, club and player, and while we debated the fans’ choice last time, we do take a lot more seriously what the players themselves think.

Remember, the club POTY award is voted for by his fellow Rangers players, and if anyone has any right to have their opinion heard with a touch of gravity, it’s the guys they work alongside.

No one knows better how much Morelos gives to the team than his colleagues – the fans may love him (more or less) as a kind of cult figure on top of his evident goals, assists and on-pitch work, but it’s what his fellow pros, his teammates think that truly matters.

And if Scott Arfield, Ryan Jack, Allan McGregor and the rest of them gave it to Alfredo, that is an opinion we can and must take seriously.

This is not us saying Morelos is a rubbish player and doesn’t deserve recognition – our case has been the fact he’s let us down so many times, on top of his flagrant selfishness and obvious frustrations – fans frequently tear our hair out over him, despite all the good he frequently does.

And that’s why we were so curious to see him win both awards – but we’re never so arrogant to think our view matters more than the players who work with him every day.

No one can judge Alfredo Morelos better than the guys he works around – they know him inside out, what he brings, what he gives, and the character of him.

And if they believe he is a worthy winner, while we personally have reservations, we bow to the opinions of those who have a much better clue than we do.


  1. I think before the Ceptic red card a lot of fans would be happy for him to win it but that red card was the last straw. I'm fairly sure the players vote would've been taken before that game. Maybe they too would've had a different opinion afterwards.

  2. Story going about 4/5 Mill with bid going to come in from mkdons. Grab it fast. He is done finished in my books. We have had enough of him give him all the poty stuff if they want but we the true fans know what is going on.

  3. Best player to wear a Rangers shirt in many years. Like you say the players know more than anyone what impact Alfie has on the team, on and off the park. The fact that they chose Morelos despite his shocking discipline record says a lot.

    Without doubt he's immature, frustrating and deserves a good kick up the arse for some of his behaviour but he's just such a huge talent.

    I'd love for him to stay for one more season because even if we get 15 million for him he's going to be almost impossible to replace.

  4. Should have given it to
    McGregor/Jack etc

    Don't get me wrong, I Love Alfredo and on his day he is almost Unplayable but his Indiscipline this Season has been Out of Order this Season
    £12-15mill and I'd Sell him in the Summer

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