Monday, 1 April 2019

Rangers fans come up with this superb idea to deal with Alfredo Morelos...

As the fallout (much of it deeply serious, and our thoughts with the 47-year old in critical condition) continues after Sunday’s dramatic Old Firm clash, one of the most common replies we’ve received on the site over events at Parkhead has been a suggestion for the way forward.

This suggestion, frequent and possibly less knee-jerk than it normally would be after a big result like that, is based on what would ultimately profit Rangers the most:

Sell Alfredo Morelos and use the proceeds to buy Ryan Kent.

Whatever Morelos has done on the pitch, good or bad, the boy remains valuable – however much he is currently unpopular with supporters, a Colombian international with his stats both domestically and in Europe is a prized commodity. And big teams want to pay big to get him.

It is evident his Rangers story is coming to an end – in truth we were done with him on the site a long time ago, as regular readers will be well aware, but the fanbase as a whole has joined us now after his indiscretions at Parkhead.

And if Ryan Kent really does have a £7-12M pricetag on his head, and can get his form more consistent (5 or 6 great displays a season isn’t value for money) then he’s one we can justify paying that kind of cash for.

When he’s been in the zone (not often enough for our liking) he’s been unstoppable – we have been (more than he has) consistent in asserting this. And that is an asset. He was our best player yesterday by some distance, and was truly up for the fight, causing all sorts of problems. Maybe not quite as exceptional as the December fixture, but it certainly joins his best displays of the season.

And that kind of tool in our armoury is worth retaining, even at high cost. Yes, our recent articles on the topic were negative, and unhappy with the price – and we still are, and with Liverpool’s lack of wanting to help us, but Kent himself is on record as confirming he wants to stay at Ibrox. Even if his manager didn’t take the opportunity to doubly state that when given the chance.

It’s two birds killed with one stone, and the majority of supporters, who came up with the idea, incidentally, not us, seem to advocate it.

We would too, frankly.

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