One shame leads to another after Rangers incident


As discussed yesterday by Ibrox Noise’s Kirsty, Cameron Mack, the Eejit of Easter Road, has been sentenced to 100 or 150 days in jail, depending on who you read.

The 22-year old was the moron who ran onto the Edinburgh turf that night to confront James Tavernier in a significant event which could have spelled serious danger for the Rangers captain.

Said moron now claims to have been completely intoxicated that night and remembers nothing of the incident, with his defence lawyer further adding allegations of he and his family receiving death threats and other forms of further violence.

He has claimed police have advised him to take his wife and family and leave their home for good.

It’s difficult to know where to start with this mess. First of all the whole sordid episode is an indictment of the state of Scottish society at present – the mental illness which permeates Scottish behaviour these days could not be more highlighted by his actions and the alleged response.

His actions, in short, were beyond ridiculous – just like the attack on Jack Grealish (we’re sure he too was intoxicated and has now received death threats as well) in England, a complete bampot ran onto the pitch, and no one can condone how serious that is.

Furthermore, married at 22 with two young kids, in his case, doesn’t even sound plausible given we can barely fathom a responsible father and husband being intoxicated before going to the football.

However, the death threats are as unacceptable as his original conduct, and by being a complete idiot all he did was stir the hive of the worst elements of the society. Perhaps, those elements include himself – his wife is a better judge of that than we are.

But either way another moron has ‘made a name for himself’ and has now paid for it big time. But how worryingly easy he got next to Tavernier given the fact he could easily have been carrying is a deep concern to the security measures in place at top-flight football matches.

But then if the Birmingham derby can’t stop these idiots either, what hope does the SPL have?


  1. From what I'm hearing, l was at the hearts hibs game Saturday… Long story, wasn't supporting any team, but it's his own fans that have turned on the clown, nothing to do with us and in house cleansing may take what it needs to eradicate it so be it

  2. Good article. However I would add that lawyers will say anything to aid their clients. The truth is not a factor on trying to get client an easier ride. A lawyer will concoct a story, tell the client to talk to no one, then claim that the client told him. That is part of the sad state of society. Just look at the criminals walking free following the Rangers debacle. Or indeed ask yourself as to what happened to Leveson inquiry.

  3. The security arrangements at football grounds is poor. I cant remember the last time I was searched going into a ground. The standard of stewarding is also patchy at best. I have said previously that there is not a chance that I would want to be self policing our fans as ultimately it would be me that ended up in hospital.

  4. The reason I stopped going to Ibrox 12 years ago. Almost animal like behaviour is everywhere, people don't think as individuals anymore everyone is part of a group or "mob" and thats when the mob mentality comes in. I've mentioned it before im sure but the SNP and their socialist movement has split the country into bitter "identities", (one or the other, no individuals) the reason I believe bigotry and hatred is rising again. And then they persecute football fans to stamp it out. You cant write it!!!

    • I first went to Ibrox in 1957. In last 10 years I have often taken my young grandchildren to games. Behaviour is much better than in my young days. OK I am in main stand but kids have always been welcomed and treated well. As for SNP. They are what you want them to be. Fifty years ago they were Tartan Tories . 30 years ago left wing communists. They say whatever it takes to get elected. Only one constant policy. Independence.

    • I'm 66 now and I don't think football related problem are any worse than when I was young , I remember these young rangers supporters getting attacked by Celtic fans while they were trying to cross Hope Street or both me and my dad showered in broken glass as rangers fans on one side of the street throwing bottles ,while Celtic fans on the other side of the street throwing bottles back

    • Socialism was part of the very fabric of Scottish, and particularly Glasgow's society for a very long time before the SNP became a real political force, and far from splitting the country it tries to heal the sectarian rift that has plagued us. I'm no supporter of the SNP but you can't blame then for Scotland's bigotry and hatred.

      Anyway, I think this is a good, balanced article. I was at the 1980 cup final when a mounted police charge was needed to stop thousands of Old Firm fans from killing each other. We have to put these things into perspective. Not that I'm condoning the behaviour of the idiot that confronted Tav, and hopefully the legal and social consequences he's suffering will make others think before repeating his stupidity but you make a very good point that death threats to him and his family are totally unacceptable.
      You can't stop moronic behaviour by behaving like a moron.

  5. I totally agree with Bohemoth. I am on the verge of giving up going to Ibrox. Going with my mates when I was a young man was fine but taking a 9 year old is now making me really question myself. There is so much hatred.

    • My 17 year old grandson first came with me as a seven year old and burst into tears at the noise when Nacho Novo scored a wonder goal. The fans were great to him. He has never forgotten. The problem in Scotland is of course sectarianism. It will never disappear as long as we segregate kids at 5 years old. But we should seek to rise above it. Not give in to it.

  6. The SPFL and SFA have persistently ignored the rise 9f bampottery on the terraces in recent years. They let both Motherwell and Hibs off Scot free when their fans invaded the pitches at Fir Park and Hampden and that seems to have given the morons the green light to do what ever they like. Add to that clubs bending over backwards to facilitate "ultra" groups because they "Add to the atmosphere" then we are where we find ourselves, over run with eejits.

    This guy's sentence is actually pretty harsh given that it has been reported that he had no previous convictions. It sends out a message though. If people don't listen to that message then I hope they too receive harsh punishment.

    Strict liability is on it's way if the fans don't buck up their ideas.

  7. This Problem is Not Going to Go Away

    The SPFL need to work with Security/The Clubs and the Police to Stamp it out

    Ban these Idiots? …Jail Them?
    Have Everyone Searched Before Entry?
    Points Deduction?

    …I can't see a way of stopping this Cancer on our Game

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