Morelos has just been punished far more by Steven Gerrard than a week’s wages… and it’ll hurt…


With Steven Gerrard’s excellent idea of recommending to the board that Alfredo Morelos is not only fined but his week’s wages instead to go to the fans who showed up at Parkhead yesterday, by the force of logic if the suits agree to this course of action (and no reason why not) a further punishment for Morelos is supporters discovering, to the pound, exactly what he earns.

The Colombian is far from flavour of the month following his latest self-combustion, and if his thousands are indeed distributed instead to the hardy 800 Rangers fans who made their way to Glasgow’s East End, it will become apparent just how much he actually receives.

Some might argue that’s none of our business, and they’d have a point – but that’s EXACTLY the point. Morelos is not learning what he costs his team, so maybe it’s fair rebuttal to have fans learn what he costs the club.

The striker has of course played a big role in much of Rangers’ positives this season, but his inability to stay out of trouble when provoked has been a massive burden for his team mates to bear, especially on the biggest occasions.

Of course, his being sent off overshadowed (or is that compounded) how anonymous and poor he’d already been in the match, so quite what Rangers missed is open to debate – but we certainly lost a shirt or a chance to change things willingly – and for that his losing a week’s wages and having his 7-day earnings effectively published for all to see is, we think, a pretty fair punishment.

Having his private earnings go public is probably bigger punishment than being denied them.


  1. morellos is no angel ,hes no cheat ,gerrard has got this all wrong broon was the culprit ,the guy is a wee sweetie wife all he does is look to get players sent off ,young kent will get banned they wont even look in to wee broonies exploits ,scotish football is dead ,gerrards fault why did he bring defoe to rangers ,now the battle cry is i need more money ,grezda, defoe ,davis ,katic are wasted funds ,no way morellos should be fined you have goot to stick up for your own ,think gerrards looking for a way out , r,t,,i,d, we,are ,the ,people

    • Let's look no further than Morelos for the trouble with Morelos. How often do you let him do what he does before you say enough is enough. Gerrard called it yesterday and many fans will think about time too. And Kent probably deserves to get punished too if we're being honest.

  2. On reflection Gerard should have seen this coming and left Morellos on the bench. Lafferty should have played if he was fit and with eleven men we could have won the match

    • totally agree with you, why throw young mcrorie in when hes not played the last 6 or so ,surely davis shoud be starting he plays for his country f,f,s .gerrards got it all wrong again ,broon was walking about posing ,most of the game ,as he cant run ,our midfeild stood of him again ,gerrards instructions should have been to run over the top of him, poor, poor, season

    • Roland, what you are suggesting is that when the big games come around we change our formation and leave out our top goal scorer because he can't behave himself. Maybe you can supply a list of suitable opponents where it is safe to play him.

  3. Good comment RobRoyWhen all the anger subsides we will see that Broon is only doing what Willie Johnston, Ally, John Broon, Davie Cooper, Auld, Gemmel etc all done in the heat of the derby. If you have an opponent who has a short fuse.
    Morelos is talented but a liability. That’s why he plays in Scotland and not EPL

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