More humiliation at the SFA following latest chaos


With today’s inevitable news that Scotland manager Alex McLeish was relieved of his position following one of the worst managerial runs in the national side’s history, we can’t exactly say we feel a sense of sadness here at Ibrox Noise.

The only sadness we have is that a once-proud Bear like Big Eck was swallowed up by SFA FC and became littered with their agenda of pro-Celtic and anti-Rangers piffle.

It was inevitable his appointment would be a disaster – he’s a dinosaur now, without any sense of tactical nous, and his absolute rejection of all things Rangers was a damning indictment of a guy who gave us Helicopter Sunday for goodness’ sake.

His record as national coach for his second stint was absolutely horrific, with seven losses in 12 matches. His only ‘meaningful’ wins were in the Nations League, with surprisingly three of four – but he was up against Albania and Israel to put context on it.  

When it came to the real stuff, and European qualifiers, McLeish’s reign matches or exceeds Berti Vogts’ for absolute calamity. That loss to Kazakhstan is this generation’s Costa Rica, and even the ‘win’ over San Marino goes down as one of the worst performances a Scotland side has ever put in.

We’re not immediately saying this squad was poor because there was no Rangers, but to omit in-form guys like Ryan Jack and Ross McCrorie (he’s ready, don’t give us that) was just asking for trouble.

Allan McGregor had had enough – and quit with piffle about keeping himself fit. And we wouldn’t be completely shocked if he returns should a Rangers presence with the NT start to materialise.

But McLeish appeared to be as anti-Rangers from the start as all his predecessors since… comically, himself post 2007. From his successor in George Burley onwards, this NT has been quite toxic towards Govan. And is there any coincidence the last time Scotland were genuinely decent was indeed that Rangers-infused regime of Eck mark one and earlier?

It had a nice balance of Rangers and Celtic and the best of the SPL and England. Nowadays it’s filled with mince from anywhere.

As long as it’s not from Rangers, we suppose?


  1. Apart from adding value to our players I would gladly see no Rangers players play for The CFA sorry I meant The SFA!

  2. No sympathy for him, after his turncoat, ways. We can't even beat a bunch of goat-herders? It really is, pathetic. Time, for a foreigner to step up.

  3. Scotland simply don’t have the quality players at the moment. Time to give young players a chance and realize Scotland won’t qualify for any tournament in the immediate future

  4. The reality is that Rangers haven't had a quality guy to represent Scotland for 10 years and more. Added to that? Eck is a dinosaur & Scotland are crap.

    Nothing to see here. Move on

  5. Id Give Slaven Billic a Call 👏🏻
    Good Manager
    Unfairly Treated at WHU
    Loves Scotland, Loves Rangers
    Won't be afraid to call players on their BS

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