Ibrox stunner as £5M stars appear to be axed


Following the infamous 4-4 bounce match with Liverpool, manager Steven Gerrard has appeared to cut ties entirely with flops Eros Grezda, Kyle Lafferty and Borna Barisic, with widely-reported assertions the £5M trio will be moved on this summer.

The three of them arrived arguably with the biggest hype of last summer’s window, and were heralded as Gerrard’s big recruits especially given the outlay on them, but it’s safe to say all have failed spectacularly and their absence from yesterday’s matchday squad was telling.

Asked about certain players’ competence, Stevie said:

“Have they taken what was said on board? Have they been in the starting 11? Not much, so that answers your question. You’ve no chance in this country if your attitude isn’t bang on. Without mental strength you get chewed up and spat out in this league.”

We at Ibrox Noise have been attacking Borna Barisic’s embarrassing lack of it since autumn, but it’s evident all three are the same and just aren’t mentally giving Rangers what their salary would expect.

We will have more on this developing story as the day goes on (and believe us, there’s a lot), but going by our manager’s comments the three of them (and more) are gone this summer.

And frankly we won’t miss any of them.


  1. Barisic a croatian international with undoubted talent and abiity. Grezda a future £20 million pound winger (according to christian panucci), Lafferty 1 of the best strikers in our league, a bluenose determined to right his past wrongs….nobody can blame Gerrard for signing these 3 but to say they have been disappointing is a major understatement. Barisic & Grezda are bottle merchants! It would be 1 of Gerrards most impressive managerial achievements if he manages to get our money back for these wage stealers!

  2. Ii think it is far to early to judge barisic and grezda because they probably just having the first season syndrome and will improve massively in the next season. It was the same for Davie Cooper when he signed and see how he turned out. There has been many players signed by Rangers who only come to the fore after a year of being at Ibrox

    • Agree. Been saying the same all season. Look at Ricksen for example. He was rotten and a hot head in his 1st season. By either season 3/4 he was captain and player of the year

    • Gav, good call, but none of us ever questioned Ricksen's commitment. He was crazy and inconsistent but he gave it all. Lazy and mentally weak he wasn't.

    • True maybe, but its also true that there have been more who never got over their first season mediocrity, to make the grade @Rangers. Don;t even have to look back too far, e.g Herrera, Rossiter, Hodson and the like. There are no guarantees that we will see any major return for the investment, lets be honest we would take our money back for both if we could..

    • True, Ricksen did at least get stuck in. I just like to give players (especially foreign ones) a season to settle. I know we spent at the top end of our budget. However, it's peanuts now a days. In today's market Ricksen would have cost us £10-£12m.
      I still reckon Barasic would come good once he clicked with the speed of our game. But if SG doesn't give him another chance, we'll know he couldn't.

  3. So whats the latest now on Wallace is he staying or going after back on the park yesterday
    Was it a farewell or back in Stevies plans
    Totally dominated that game yesterday again

    WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. hmm seems very strange that all 3 players were pictured out at a nightclub then this happens?? just me that thinks this is weird?

  5. I totally agree with Cutchy we can't get rid of Barisic or Grezda based on their first, injury affected season in Scottish football. It's been show in the past that even experienced British players struggle at Rangers and without doubt Barisic and Grezda have been disappointing, but they had obviously shown enough for Rangers to invest big money in them and I can't see Gerrard giving up on them that easy.
    I expect both to stay and hopefully play big parts in stopping Celtic next season.

  6. It could be first season syndrome or whatever you want to call it. Gerrard should know about it, he's had enough first season syndrome effects in his first season managing us!

    To put it simply, if these players turn out to be expensive flops then the blame lies squarely at Gerrard and Allens feet for jumping in and singing them on a whim! It's even worse that it's turned out we clearly didn't need them as a priority(or they would have played more),So there was no need to dive in and sign them and risk signing flops! – Did we need Barasic, Grezda, Sidiqi, Lafferty, Coulibaly etc when we had players in and around the club who would have done a possibly better job for no cost?

    Let's hope they turn out well or we at least recoup our money back and let's hope Gerrard has learned enough not to do the same this season!

  7. As Will says, the failure is partly SG and Allan's. I hope it is first season syndrome, although it won't be for Lafferty. Fingers crossed particularly for Barisic; we have plenty of good wingers

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