Ibrox shock following potentially huge u-turn


Following various sources, including our own, reporting that attacking midfielder Graham Dorrans’ Rangers future was coming to an end this summer under mutual consent, Steven Gerrard has produced an astonishing rebuttal hinting Dorrans’ return is imminent and implying there may in fact be a place for him at Ibrox next season.

It had been believed due to a succession of injuries and lack of playing time that the former Norwich man’s time at Ibrox was coming to a close and he would be leaving via severance this coming summer.

Some even claimed he was set to retire from the game.

But following his participation in the recent bounce match v Liverpool U23s, Gerrard has confirmed there is a plan in place to get the playmaker back fit again and that he has hopes to integrate the former Scotland international back into the first team.

He said:

“Dorrans is repeating training sessions now which is great to see, it’s probably too soon for him at the weekend but we will look to try and get some minutes for him in a reserve game as he has missed a lot of football. He is working very hard and pushing himself.”

The notion of the attacker being touted for the reserves at this point is already a massive about-turn for a player most, ourselves depressingly included, had reluctantly consigned to the scraphead.

A fit and healthy Graham Dorrans is an asset – whether fans would trust him to retain it is another matter however. It may still be he is freed though – because Gerrard trusting him is the biggest question of all.


  1. ESG might have no option. A year left on his contract why would he accept a severance deal that would pay less than a full years salary. So you keep him on and maybe you get lucky. He returns to former self or someone buys him. No matter how good a guy he is ,he is in it for the money. Like Wallace.

    • David, he will not go unless we pay up the contract, in which case the wages cannot be used elsewhere.
      So, are you saying pay him to sit at home when he might, just might, have something to offer us? How does that help us?

  2. Is this our way of saving a few bucks on new signings? The guy is done and should be moved on as quickly as possible

    • BB, how do we save any money? He will not go unless we pay up the contract, in which case the wages cannot be used elsewhere. If we need to buy someone else, fair enough, but keeping Dorrans has no impact. Doesn't cost or save us any money.

  3. He wouldn't be the first player who has refused to move before the end of his contract, Lee Wallace perhaps being a current example. So if Dorrans has decided that he is going to stay put, then it makes sense to try and make the best use of his unquestionable ability. Whether he can remain fit is another issue, but if he says he is staying then Rangers can't force him to go.

  4. Haud yer horses! all these recent on loan players etc. tried out and some failures since SG arrived.There has been no mention of MARCUS TAVERNIER OR SONE ALUKO (Age 30) in previous transfer windows!!!! Any comments for or against lads? CHEERS W. A. T. P.

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