Saturday, 6 April 2019

"I was just like him" - Rangers star makes surprising admission

Jermain Defoe has surprisingly admitted he was a bit of a rascal in his younger playing days and that Alfredo Morelos’ behaviour, while unwanted, is not exactly overly uncommon.

Speaking pre-Motherwell, the former England striker also referenced Wayne Rooney who similarly had many disciplinary troubles in his late teens and early 20s and didn’t start to grow out of that till approaching his 30s.

And even confirmed he himself was a ‘hothead’ when he was younger, particularly at West Ham, as defenders, identifying he was a ‘threat’, would try to provoke him and it worked a lot as he got sent off quite a few times.

Sound familiar?

Nowadays we always have to be aware social media and 24/7 news wasn’t as big a thing nearly 20 years ago, so Defoe wasn’t under the scrutiny that Rooney ended up being and that Morelos has suffered too.

So while Morelos’ indiscipline is frustrating, it is also not completely unique, especially with his Latin temperament and Hispanic blood playing a part.

All part of growing up?

Jermain Defoe thinks so.

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