Helicopter Sunday 2? Never say never….


As most Rangers fans will now be aware, our green and white friends slipped up again under the tutelage of Neil Lennon.

His former side Hibs held Lennon’s Celtic today and that’s now the second dropped points for them under his management, in concert with two extremely late shows against Hearts and Dundee.

HS2? It is a long shot but anything is possible.

Obviously Celtic now play all the same sides as us, each other naturally excepted – and while overcoming a nine-point deficit would be a stunningly tall order, crazier things can happen in the SPL, and usually do.

The fact is all is not well at the East – they might be runaway leaders of the league, but ever since Carnlough’s favourite son ditched Parkhead for Leicester, Celtic’s form has been patchy at best.

And with the dressing room leaks curtailing morale too, we have to look at these remaining 12 points for each side with a significant amount of interest.

Celtic have a 9-point gap – they would need to slip up a heck of a lot and Rangers win all four remaining matches, but the fact they’ve already dropped two points to Hibs does open the imagination a little.

We are not being knee jerk here – when Lennon came in we did posit the slim possibility then of a staggering turnaround, and pointed to 2011’s precedent when the loss of one man at Ibrox (Naismith) changed the destiny of the title with a single ACLI.

And that remains the case – the green and whites have been a mile off convincing, and Rangers gave them a half decent fist of it at Parkhead before ultimately succumbing – but this is football where anything can and does happen.

We will be watching the final few weeks of the SPL with extreme interest.


  1. I don't think the helicopter is coming our way for a while yet but a Man can dream, guarantee to take 3 points at Ibrox against the bheggars tho, and let's hope popcorn teeth gets the gig full time but we too need a better and experienced gaffer for next season, can't have a rookie in place

    • i fully agree with you on heli sunday BLUEBEAR and popcorn teeth must get the managers job full time from a rangers prospective…but…i would like to ask you who you would have as rangers manager if not S.G….if you cant come up with a good alternative then why dont you just shut the fuck up because YOU are a boil on my arse and need squeezing.. you keep on filling this great site for true rangers supporters with negative and i mean totally negative comments…you never agree with ibrox noise…leave a man that has earned big respect alone.WE ARE THE ONE AND ONLY PEOPLE.

    • See when we've won fuck all again next season and getting beat by teams like Livingston, what will you be saying then

      PS, l suggest you go see a doctor for that boil you prick

  2. Never. I have said it. Killie next week. They had 3 players sent off yesterday and will struggle to get a team out. Aberdeen away? After we have trounced them. Maybe. But when did the sheep ever do us a favour? And Hearts at home? You have got to be joking. Still if we can win our last 4 games they will know the game is up.

  3. Have to say IN, I flirted with the thought myself when Hibs took 2 points from the beggars. However, one fleeting glimpse to their next game, Killie, then my flirtation of the dream came down with a bang. Steve Clark will hand the 3 points on a plate for celtic because he is a supporter of them (yes he is!) and to spite our fans. Aberdeen will also lie down to them for obvious reasons also.
    Helicopter Sunday was one of the best moments of my Rangers supporting life, a day that will always stab a knife into every beggars heart on the mere mention of it, good times!!

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