Have Rangers supporters just made a ‘protest’ at the board?


As Rangers fans are only too well aware, Lee Wallace, hero to the support, has been a complete exile this season. Just two inconsequential sub appearances under Steven Gerrard despite probably being the best LB at the club (given the competition, not exactly that hard) were all this man had to show for the sacrifice he’s given and we will never forgive the powers-that-be for that.

But yesterday, his appearance on the bench was an absolute left-field selection and a genuine stunner.

There are a number of conclusions this pointed at, hinted at, and you can tell us if you agree with any.

Firstly, the modest cynic could argue it was Wallace being given what Kenny Miller was outrageously denied – a send off. Waldo’s reception when he came on was the biggest cheer at Ibrox since Ryan Jack’s winner against Celtic. Wallace deserved this, and whatever we think of how Stevie has handled the situation, he showed a touch of class to give him such a fine ending at Ibrox (if it is indeed an ending) and we the fans certainly appreciated it.

It was also a message from the fans to the club that we don’t support what you did with our former captain either – the cheer the man got was not a message of backing to the club, no muted at best response to the player banned then stripped of dignity. No, the fans are purely squarely and solely on Wallace’s side and the loudest cheer of the day at Ibrox was reserved for one of our own to tell him we’re with him and we don’t agree with how he got axed.

It was also something of an intrigue at Andy Halliday. With McCrorie on the bench Rangers had outstanding cover in defensive midfield, and with Jon Flanagan now securing the LB slot out of nowhere, Halliday’s presence on the bench was curious, and it wasn’t he who got on to get a few minutes at LB, it was Wallace. If Halliday was cover, not only was it intriguing, but it truly spells the end, for sure, of the big summer signing in Barisic (more on that later).

But nevertheless, regardless of it all we were absolutely delighted to see Wallace again – he’s deserved his moment – whether it was a goodbye we will find out, but he was at least given his send off anyway, and he has more than justified that.

As we say, however we feel about Stevie’s treatment of the former captain, he did the right thing.


  1. Wallace should get a two year extension as he is easily the best left back at the club and he can score goals as well

  2. I love Gerrard, I love having him as our manager and I am happy with the progress hes made but I will never forgive his treatment of Wallace. I understand it is probably coming from above but for Gerrard to say at the AGM "he has better options at LB than Lee Wallace" (halliday a midfielder and flanagan a RB) was nothing short of absolutely disgusting! I think he may have said it to back up the board, surely he cant possibly believe it! Disgusting statement and treatment all the same. Wallace should be playing…with the armband every week! Waldo a true legend!

  3. give big lee thhe armband against hibees give him full game rest tav give flannigan right back slot ,drop kent give middleton game ,rangers have missed a big opportunity this year we should be celebrating 55 gerrard poor selection choice cost us ,cant believe the way big lee has been treated , last chance for board and gerrard next season ,

  4. Wallace is still be far the best left back at our club. It's probably too late now but we are losing one good player for nothing and going to have to pay for someone to play leftback, unless Flanagan, Halliday and Barasic(if he stays)are the best we can muster there and Gerrard reckons that will make our LB position one that can play a part in winning the league next year.

  5. I don't blame SG. New manager at a club, he has to follow the party line. He has battles he can and will fight. This was not one of them.
    Remember, almost nobody actually knows what happened. Lee, to his credit, is saying nothing. I love the man and will always remember and support him. But the club was here before any of us and will be here after all of us have gone. There can only be one winner in that fight. People have blamed Murty, I don't know the facts so won't comment. Murty has done a great job with the youth players, he stepped up and tried when he was asked.
    I wish there was some way of making this right so that Lee could stay, but suspect there isn't which is a great pity.
    So well done SG for giving us the chance to say goodbye to our hero, one of the few.

  6. Sorry, but the reason Wallace isnt playing is because he isn't good enough.

    Neither the Club, nor SG, would make the club suffer by not playing someone who is being paid.

    Why do we all – and especially IN – look for a scandal when one doesn't exist?

    • Sorry you deluded prick, Wallace should be first pick in the team selection, a true captain unlike that clown and waste of space Tav

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