Monday, 8 April 2019

Have Rangers just made a big mistake?

As most fans know, Rangers held their annual Player of the Year awards last night, and various gongs were of course awarded, with the crowning glory being Alfredo Morelos picking up the prize for both club and fan POTY.

We do, of course, congratulate Morelos on this accolade, and acknowledge his undeniable contribution to Rangers’ cause this season – 29 goals and 11 assists is not to be sniffed at.

However, and you knew there was a ‘but’ – there is no way on God’s pure earth he deserved this.

The club and the fans both gave him it – we can’t argue with that logic, but equally that Allan McGregor didn’t win it is a punch in the face for the best goalkeeper in the land and the biggest success in last summer’s transfer window.

Sure, you can argue it’s six of one etc, and there’s a case to concede that. But what counts substantially against Morelos is how much more he could be if he wasn’t petulant, immature, selfish and tempestuous.

That he ‘only’ has 29 goals and 11 assists despite his overwhelmingly negative traits on the pitch shows some idea of what this kid could be if he wasn’t in it for himself.

Yes, he works hard on the pitch, no one would argue that – and the boy scores goals, lots of them.

But unlike McGregor he rarely shows up for the big occasion. Unlike McGregor he doesn’t produce it against Celtic. And similarly to McGregor he barely speaks English….

But jokes aside we can’t help wondering if Morelos won this award to further enhance his summer value – there’s basically no chance the Colombian is staying at Ibrox, and Rangers are on record confirming we’d want at least £20M to sell him – giving him the POTY award only increases that which is no bad thing, really.

End of the day, Morelos is what he is, and the fans, even despite his Old Firm disaster still seem, in places, to love him. Bear in mind the votes for POTY were in before we lost to Celtic so that certainly wouldn’t have affected things.

We’ll cover the other aspect of this accolade later today.

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