Gerrard doubles back on early-season claim – attacker will be devastated


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard today admitted Jamie Murphy is done for the season after previously suggesting he would be likely to return for the split.

The winger has been out for the lion’s share of the campaign and it had been previously thought he would be featured lightly in the split fixtures, but Gerrard has confirmed Rangers fans will not see him till next season after revealing Murphy will only be returning to training and not match day squads.

It’s a bit of a shame for the winger, who already faces huge pressure to assert himself back in the first team next season following a glut of wingers coming in, as well as the wealth of those already at Steven Gerrard’s disposal, and we do wonder just where Murphy’s status will be next season with the potential of Candeias, Kent, Middleton, Grezda, Jones, Stewart (ish) and Hastie not to mention Scott Arfield’s current use out there.

It’s definitely disappointing for the former Brighton attacker, and he’d have looked forward all season to getting a couple of matches in at the end of the campaign, but now it’s evident that’s not to be and it will be pre-season at earliest before he’s wearing the shirt again.


  1. At his age he is unlikely to be of value to us now. Another wage to be carried next year.. All clubs have this problem. Agents screw clubs.

    • Bit harsh, he is a lot younger than Davis. Not his fault he got crocked. Let's see what he looks like next season. Could perhaps move into the No 10 role?

  2. Unfortunately I am very disappointed that he won't be able to at least make the bench. Not sure if he fits the bill for us anymore technically good but a little slow and powder puff !!! As Alan Calder says it could be another wage to have to carry. I saw Lee Wallace yesterday…yet another wage for bugger all !!!!!

  3. He'll never be the same player, very difficult injury to overcome. A few games and he will break down again.

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