Former international set to leave Ibrox – right call?


As news has slowly filtered through from here and other sources, Graham Dorrans’ time at Ibrox is starting to look inevitably over.

A constant barrage of injuries since he joined Rangers have seen the ex-Scotland international reduced to little more than a fringe player, following his hugely-hyped £1.5M move from Norwich two years ago.

He was regarded as a marquee signing when Pedro brought him in in 2017, and with Rangers’ infamous lack of quality in the 10 slot, he was seen as a major solution to the creativity issues plaguing the side.

As it turns out, injuries have put paid to any sense of a run of games, and information persists that he’ll be freed this summer via mutual consent.

The question is, is this the right move?

There is just that nagging, horrible, niggly feeling that if we can get the lad fit, he’d be one of the most influential players in the league. He has a wonderful touch, great vision, fine composure, and he can slot passes brilliantly.

In short, he’s exactly the 10 we need. The problem is he breaks too easily.

There’s also that horrible inescapable feeling that if he did move on, wherever he went he’d magically regain fitness and become an integral part of his new team.

End of the day, Rangers have persisted with Dorrans for 24 months and it just hasn’t worked – the boy has an abundance of talent and skill and would be perfect behind the strikers if he could just retain some physical health.

Steven Gerrard, and Dorrans, will make the call one way or the other, and for us it’s a head v heart conflict.

Head is done with him and understands the shout for him to be cut loose, heart just doesn’t want to give up on him.

We’ll see which one for sure gets its way come this summer.


  1. So we are meant to suffer, a non-contributing BURDEN, in case he 'may come good.' How can we waste £££ like that and hope to catch up and over-take, Celtic. Laffery and Coullibaly and several other BURDENS, must get gone, too. We are NOT, a charity.

  2. He is the same as Rossiter, as soon as he steps out into the fresh air at the HTC he gets injured, time to get rid, another wage thief

  3. Hes done unfortunately, both partiee need to move on. We have plenty history with similar cases that we just wanted to see players return and do well. Rozental, Kuzenetzov, Mols, Klos and Prodan were all better than Dorrans and we gave them probably too much time to get back to full fitness.
    We had money then, can we really afford to have a guy on 5 figures play less than 10 games a season? We already have too many guys in the squad not playing or not good enough, a good cull this summer could save us about 50k pw.
    Its a shame we didnt get to see him in his pomp, mainly due to managers not playing him where he shouldve been played. But we need to get serious about our squad, theres no time to harbour passengers.

  4. Good player over the moon when we got him but injury prone rossiter 2 let’s have a clear out and put wages to some class

  5. I forgot he was even at Ibrox over the last few years we have had players with long time injury problems it's time to let them go but why do we seem to have more than any other team is the problem with the training

  6. Great player pity he's always injured we could defo do with him and don't FORGET HE'S ONE OF OUR OWN NS

  7. Good idea to have a serious look at who is worthy of a contract with who is not …. the more money we free up we can maybe tempt some decent talent

  8. Time to Cut Him Loose!
    …Can't Seem to get Fit

    Also as for the No10 position
    …We should try Docherty as the 10 🙌🏻