Foreign FA humiliates SPFL in blatant exposé


We have been accused of paranoia now and then by some of our readers, that we look for agendas that aren’t there and perpetuate them.

But today’s announcement by the Eredivisie that an entire matchday of Dutch fixtures will be cancelled in order to give Champions League semi-finalists Ajax extra preparation time for their clash with Spurs only reminds us of events in 2008 when Rangers made the final of the-then Uefa Cup and were denied the same privilege by the SPL on grounds of ‘Sporting Integrity’.

If nothing else defines the petty, hate-filled anti-Rangers spite in Scotland it’s that. Any other team in that final, be it Celtic or… ok Celtic, and we know fine well the authorities would have bent over to accommodate them.

But Rangers? Scotland? Pure spite, and the Dutch FA supporting their own side and doing everything they can to help their team make it to the final only highlights the vitriolic direction Scottish football has been going in for well over a decade.

It’s just not paranoia – it’s absolute fact. That the SPL (and Celtic) would rather Rangers fail than Scotland benefits. Hell, we’ve been known to reluctantly appreciate some of the decent European work Celtic did in the past which benefited Rangers and gave Scotland a better co-efficient.

But when it came to a real chance for Scotland to earn a rare European trophy, Celtic did everything to hurt Rangers’ chances.

And the SFA and SPFL backed them.

Then look again at the Eredivisie – for those who don’t know, Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord have some brutally intense rivalries – maybe not quite at Old Firm poison levels, but not a world away. And yet these clubs and the Dutch FA put all of that away and look to the benefit of their nation by ensuring one of their sides in the latter stages of an elite European competition will have the best standing to do as well as they can.

 No ‘sporting integrity’ over there.

No, since around 2008 and the end of the Eck regime with the NT and the run to Manchester, Scotland has been increasingly anti-Rangers with less and less attempt to hide it.

And the conduct of the Dutch FA is only one real world example of how pathetic our authorities and how petty the hate really is.


  1. To be fair did Celtic receive fixture help when they reached the Europa Cup final when Rangers won the league beating Dunfermline 6-0, with Celtic only winning at Kilmarnock 4-0 on last day?

    • FM for a start I doubt your own sporting integrity as a Rangers fan. Rangers in fact beat Dunfermline 6-1 and at 3-1 Stefan Klos pulled off a world class save to stop it going to 3-2. And we had already beat Dunfermline 7-0 away so a drubbing at Ibrox wasn't much of a surprise. On the other hand Killie hardly laid a glove on Ceptic and had they not missed a penalty they would probably have won 5-0 and went on to win the title. So don't come on here and try to rubbish one of our best recent achievements right up there with helicopter Sunday (or as you like to call it helicopter Saturday) and one of my own personal highlights as a Rangers fan.

  2. As you know I occasionally disagree with you but not on this occasion. There are many reasons why Scotland has declined as a football nation. But incompetent administration tops the list. It’s in everyone’s benefit that Scottish clubs do well. All clubs should be helped. Rangers relegation to third division was stupid from every point of view except from bigots. Rangers need to get back on top and set standards for rest to follow.

  3. People said I was stupid when I said exactly the same thing many years ago no one in Scottish football wanted to help Rangers either in 2008 or since my question then is the same today given the authorities try everything to hinder us why would anyone Rangers player wish to represent those who continually try and rob them of their living

  4. We all know its a diddy league run by diddy men from diddy clubs. lets stop griping about
    it and bloody move out of scotland. This country will never get better football wise as a nation lets just have a british league and be done with it.

  5. Laughing stock again spl and their diddy league,clowns they keep getting found out
    The sooner we out it the better

    WATP 🇬🇧

  6. Remember, Celtic had a game postponed that season when Phil O'Donnell, a player who left them 10 years before, died. Although Motherwell and Dundee Utd didn't. By coincidence, postponed game was an Old Firm match their best player was suspended for – McGeady the traitor

    But I said on the way back from Manchester, when I heard Tommy Burns had died, "I bet they don't want a postponement for a serving member of staff with his history in case it helps us" I was right.

  7. Ajax are the dream team of dutch football. If it was any other team in the dutch league they wouldnt have granted the extra time off

  8. We already know it's CFA, not SFA. Until the who organisation is raised to the ground and replaced with equal representation for each respective league, then we will always be dictated by them. We need a revolution in Scottish football and force the wasters out, starting with Doncaster!! We have an englishman who supports England, Irish sympathisers who support Republic of Ireland, so pray tell, why is Scotland lagging behind??!!

  9. Imagine how different the Zenit result might have been if we had been Helped by the SFA and not Hindered? 🤔

    That being said, we would still have struggled as Zenit were getting 550k per player to win it!

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