Crucial surgery needed at Ibrox, so where is it?


With the transfer window just over four weeks away, attention has clearly turned in earnest already to additions. Greg Stewart and Jake Hastie are in the works, while Jordan Jones was confirmed in January.

But these guys all have one thing in common – they’re attackers.

Last summer, Steven Gerrard made defence a priority – he brought in Nikola Katic, Allan McGregor and Connor Goldson among his first recruits, later adding Borna Barisic and Gareth McAuley as well as Jon Flanagan.

But this summer, it is evident defence again requires surgery. Goldson has been far from convincing, Worrall will be leaving, McAuley won’t be renewed and Katic is only just returning from fringe status.

But, and here’s the thing – why are no major CBs being linked with arriving? We’ve already pretty much signed a new forward line, and there’s talk about Ryan Kent and Nick Powell, but the rear end, the most unconvincing and unsettled part of the team seems to be getting neglected.

One significant name has been Graeme Shinnie and he’s only a utility left back – in terms of CHs there really is a almost complete absence of named links being touted with a move to Ibrox.

The only exception of course is Hearts’ John Souttar, and his performance against us was average at best – hardly convincing and it may be back to the drawing board.

But we need that drawing board in the first place, and right now for an area we need to tweak at best or overhaul at worst, it’s about time we got on with it.


  1. Do you seriously imagine that Mark Allen and SG don't have definite targets in place to strengthen our back line? Just because the media haven't got wind of who they are, doesn't mean they don't exist. Unless they are pre-contracts, Rangers can't do anything before the window opens. And the last thing Rangers want is for the world to know who they are planning to target, much better and much more professional to keep it confidential.

  2. Is it not a good thing that no centre half targets are being " rumoured" ? I don`t know if you are aware but we can only buy people during the transfer window which is a couple of months away so surely it is better that we only hear about it when it is definitely happening .You are getting quite desperate for critical articles when you are writing about the lack of rumoured signings and complaining about possible rumoured signings.At least wait until new players arrive and if you don`t rate then then you can be critical as is your right or you can bum them up and be totally wrong like McAuley.Thats the thing about opinions ,sometimes they are wrong .

  3. To be honest, I am happy with that. If we can find someone we think is good enough to play for Rangers, that is enough for richer clubs to value him. Derby hadn't been mentioned in connection with Souttar until we were. Paper talk then lifts the price from £2, million to £5 million. Just paper talk, but Hearts will be influenced by that if we do make a move.
    So, my question is, why would we want to read about potential signings BEFORE they are completed if it is going to cost our club money? Yes, it titillates the fans, but there is a significant cost. I would rather wait for the official announcement that a player has signed, and save the money.
    I would also note that not only has the transfer window not closed yet, it hasn't even opened yet!
    Others may disagree….

  4. We've been linked with Souttar. Not a major CB. But still a CB and there's been articles today saying Derby are sniffing about him as well for £5m (dont laugh)

  5. Goldson and Katic should have been cementing a good partnership instead Gerrard has chopped, changed and played "games" with them all season… the 2 players that are supposed to mainstays are the CBs. He let N.Forrest dictate terms in a crap player they wanted developed and we had to play him or risk penalty clauses etc etc. Souttar was part of the easiest defence to break down for rangers all season. God help us if thats true.

  6. 5 million wouldn't buy Soutar and I'm one of them. There are very few players in Scotland good enough to play for Rangers, including Shinnie and Soutar. Let's hope Jones, Hastie and Stewart are up to it. I have my doubts.

  7. Good conversation piece major surgery maybe ? as we do need to find at least 3 or 4 defenders 2xCH another LB and another GK . I would seriously consider selling Tav and move Flanagan to RB he's a solid defender with lots of experience . Let's hope we can retain Arfield and sign Davis . Alfredo can go… I agree with a couple of the posts, SG and MA will have a good plan of targets and possibilities . Onwards Just hope the Rotten Mob keep Ginger Twat hes poison !!

  8. Have we got the funds to buy much, selling A might not be as easy as we think, big risk for any club to buy him, especially for the sums quoted. What the rotten mob do BillB should not concern us, it is what we deliver that will win us trophies, plus in the games we were poorer in this year it has been our team work that has let us down, some draws and losses were due to poot attack or a disappearing midfield, agree with Tav comment J

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