Could dramatic fan theory be true about controversial Stevie decision?


After we yesterday discussed Nikola Katic’s timely return to the fold at Ibrox at the expense of Joe Worrall, we posited a few theories as to what led to Worrall’s exit to the bench.

From contractual clauses to promises to Katic to suggestions of injuries, fans certainly helped out with some of the ideas.

But the most stark was the contention that Worrall lost his place because of ‘that’ video.

Most of us have seen it, and we admit it certainly wasn’t the most professional thing for him to do, even if a lot of fans would have loved it, but some suggest that Gerrard took a significant disliking both to the leaking of this, and Worrall’s conduct, and the claims are the on-loan stopper finds himself axed on conduct and professional grounds with a hint of discipline thrown in for good measure rather than football ones.

It could well be true.

But no matter what the true reason actually is, Katic’s resurrection to first-team matters has been a nice bonus over this recent run. True, defence itself has been patchy (more on that later) but it’s been good to see the big man in the shirt again, giving everything as he always did.

We’d rather have a defender who gives it all every match and who makes honest errors here and there as he grows and learns than one who shows up only for the big shiny occasions and seems to sleep walk through everything else while costing us big goals.

And isn’t even our player…


  1. He didn't lose his place STEVIE G simply had to play him in a certain number of games before we got him it was in his contract

  2. I think Stevie is playing the player who he feels will be here next season, giving Katic game time.

  3. Love that Katic is Back in the Team!

    Also we should
    Send Worrall Back
    Recall Aidan Wilson
    Release McAuley
    And Sign Bartley and Lindsay

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