Sunday, 21 April 2019

Celtic 2 - 1 Rangers

Here, retrospectively, are your Ibrox Noise ratings following a surreal, eventful but ultimately disappointing Old Firm loss.


Feel he could have done better at Celtic’s opener, but pulled out some remarkable saves early on, even if some of his handling was shaky. Not his best performance, but those signature miracle stops define him. 7


Diabolical pass to cost the second goal, Tavernier’s defending was abysmal in this one, and while he did get forward with purpose to manage a few good crosses, and technically provided the pass which set Kent on his way, overall his impact was negligible. Other, that is, than costing his side the match in effect. 4


A bit weak in the air but managed one or two outstanding blocks to deny Celtic opportunities, and this was his best display for some time, which isn’t saying much. An improvement from him certainly. 6


For the stopper who shows up in the big ones, Worrall had a nightmare today. Lots of dreadful concessions, and pitifully poor defending, Worrall looked like someone who wasn’t even interested. His worst ‘big match’ display by a mile and even his late attempt at winning it didn’t seem to have much heart. 3


Modest performance from One of Our Own – nowhere near on the level of December and should not have got involved at the end with Brown hence the post-match red card, but did manage one or two decent deliveries. He’s been much better. 5


Poor from him – tried to match Brown for physicality and struggled to do so – it looked like he was the one on Brown this time rather than Arfield, and we’re not quite sure why. A few sideways passes but overall can have no complaints at being taken off. 4


Produced what we expected he would, and bloomed in the second half with some bigger moments as Rangers came into things more, but this wasn’t really the kind of match a player like he was able to thrive in as much as he can. With midfield barely getting a sniff he wasn’t able to get involved as much as he’d want. 5


Negligible. Compared with his December job on Brown, he was completely invisible today – wasn’t near Brown half the time, and barely touched the ball. May still be carrying a knock because he didn’t even look very mobile. 3


Finally, a performer – we’ve been hard on Kent recently after his price was revealed, but today was one of those minority great displays from him and his goal was superb. He was up for this one, and took the fight to Celtic. It wasn’t a patch on his display in December, but it was still by far the best blue shirt out there. Unfortunately blotted his copybook punching Brown (not that we don’t all want to do that) and was a lucky boy to get away with it. 8


Power of running with the little piston legs but didn’t really have much in the way of successful execution. Kicked Ajer in the face, but overall a less than effective display from the Portuguese. 6


Appalling. His performance was complete garbage, even if he lacked service, and Ajer had his number with no difficulty at all. Then he got himself sent off through absolute stupidity. If we could give a negative rating we would. 0

Steven Gerrard:

At least he picked McCrorie. Not only did the most popular football betting sites gave this very low odds, but almost no one thought this would happen given how little he’s played, and we wish we’d put a few quid on his selection. However, the lack of freshening things up otherwise took its toll and it was a weary looking Rangers, despite that two week break. Horrendous first half made worse by Morelos, Steven Gerrard’s management is hard to believe in because it has no direction. This match typified that – we still don’t know what kind of a manager he is, or what kind of a game he plays.
That said, there was a big improvement half was through the second half thanks to the goal against the run of play and momentum swung towards the visitors. And he offered no defence to Morelos either, which shows patience has run out with the Colombian. But overall his team is in horrible form and he doesn’t seem to know how to fix it.

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