Are Rangers better without Alfredo?


When Alfredo Morelos was banned for four matches and the hype and furore went ballistic over it, many observers including us at Ibrox Noise wondered how we could cope without Morelos’ goals, assists and influence.

The bizarre answer is against two extremely able sides in Hearts and Motherwell Rangers, overall, ave benefited more from Morelos’ absence than we did from his presence.

The team has looked more organised, more symbiotic, and more convincing than it has in a long time, and it’s doing it against decent SPL sides and not the basement strugglers – and how much we can put down to the absence of the disruptive Colombian is anyone’s guess.

Jermain Defoe has taken his chance with aplomb. A goal and technically two assists plus two offside goals in two matches is some idea of how he’s filled Morelos’ gap with ease, frankly.

He seems to work hard, and his unselfish assist for Arfield’s hat-trick today was something Alfredo Morelos would simply never ever do.

For Morelos’ strengths, he has more weaknesses, and Defoe, right now, is showing him up rather badly.

On current form, Morelos will not just walk back in to the side when his suspension ends – and if he does, Defoe can feel extraordinarily hard done by.

Morelos, for his definite assets, seems to be an awful pain for his team mates when he’s in petulant mode, and that’s been a lot this season. With Defoe’s calming influence and yet unerring ability to assist and score, the Englishman is showing there’s life after the Colombian.

And that reassures everyone.


  1. Should the title have been "has the spl done us a favor"
    And we would have probably won the league
    Has he played his last game for Rangers?

    Rangers are now a team💪🇬🇧

  2. To be honest i was a bit concerned about this game. A great result against hearts last wed and i was thinking with the highs come the falls but another great result today and i do think that the team are playing better. De Foe is a professional and his assist for Arfield was so unselfish. Well done SA for the hat trick. Over the moon tbh.

  3. It isn't just personnel that has changed. He has changed formation. More like a 4-4-1-1 and he has chosen 4 central midfielders in the last two games (asking the full backs to provide the width) instead of wingers, we have had Kent or Candeias playing in a free role supporting Defoe.

    I think this suits us to a tee. Our four centre mids all compliment each other and to think we will get another upgrade when Docherty replaces Coulibaly for next season.

    Stick with 4-4-1-1 and stick with Defoe for the rest of the season…

    • Can’t really say we agree here. Looking at the shape Arfield was on the left with Defoe central and Candeias right. It looked that (4:3:3) way to us anyway. No matter – it worked well.

  4. It is very hard to say whether we would have been further ahead in points or even top of the league had we kept 11 players on the field in all games. Personally, I do think it has cost us dearly and Alfredo has to take a large chunk of the blame for that. There is no doubting his talent, but sadly I fear he will have to develop his career away from Ibrox

  5. Like you true blue,i also was aprehensive about us going to fir park today,as motherwell have been playing terrifically well at home,of late.I have said since we signed scotty arfield,how good a signing he was for us and you could see at the start of his rangers career,that he had played at a much higher level,in english football.He gets into fantastic positions and makes terrific runs beyond,in the attacking areas.Arfield is our best goalscoring midfielder and has a near 1 goal,in every 2 games ratio for us this season,which is a tremendous feat from a midfielder.I was really pleased for arfield today,
    scoring his first career hat-trick.A wee mention about the two young motherwell players we've been watching for a wee while now.I really like the young boy david turnbull,who looks a good goalscoring midfielder.Jake hastie looks a very direct winger also but i would sign turnbull first and foremost.
    Young turnbull has a very good career in front of him,in my opinion.Our midfield has played well in the slightly tweaked system,over the last two games, against both hearts and motherwell.Should stick with this for our last 5 league games,irrespective when morelos is free to play.If it ain't broken, there's no need to fix it.

  6. A blessing in disguise the suspension of Morelos it has made the manager change the formation something he has failed to do with Morelos upfront I would sell him on and bring in possibly two strikers there was more of a presence in the midfield with Davis Kamara and Jack in there and Arfield backing up Defoe Gerrard is learning and next season is the one to judge him on

  7. Defoe has shown us Alfredo isn't half as crucial, as we thought. He gets the job done with no drama and a lot of unselfish-ness. We just need to concentrate on getting the best price for Alfie. I think we should build a team, around Defoe.

  8. Yes and No

    He Terrorises Defences and gives us that little bit Extra
    He is also a Liability and we have been doing fine without him

    this Summer …. £12-15mill …Sell Him 👌🏻

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