A massive upgrade at Ibrox – and it won’t cost a penny


Following on from our Greg Docherty piece yesterday, Ibrox Noise started salivating.

No, the catering department hadn’t just brought us a bacon roll or two, this was even more tempting – a vision of next season’s Rangers midfield:

Ross McCrorie, Scott Arfield and Greg Docherty.

If Rangers have had, in recent times, a better midfield than this, we’d love to be reminded of it. Even in the latter days of Barry Ferguson we can rarely remember his being partnered with guys of this quality, and if this vision is part of Steven Gerrard’s plans for next season, consider us on board.

Gerrard has switched from 4-2-3-1 to a 4-4-1-1-cum 4-3-3 in recent weeks, and it’s that latter one which this could fit divinely.

Ross McCrorie, the destroyer, sat in front of the back four and working like a dog putting his body where it hurts.

Scott Arfield, the midfield general rallying his troops and guiding everyone while linking up with the flanks and working hard off the ball, nailing a goal or two in the process.

Greg Docherty, the-now attacking midfielder with assists and goals coming out his backside but with the physicality to power his way into the box and cause havoc.

It’s a truly exceptional trio, and as good as any (recent) midfield combination we can think of at Ibrox.

Of course, it’s all about potential – we don’t know how well these three could work together – it might be flat and lack understanding. But if we take each unit in isolation, they’re about the strongest triangle our midfield could have and the perfect blend of defence through to attack.

And, with Ryan Jack in reserve we have the ability to form a diamond four – McCrorie sitting, Jack and Arfield the left and right, and Docherty at the apex.

The fact is Docherty gives Rangers some extremely versatile flexibility and strength. His (hopeful) return opens up possibilities and develops some real strength in midfield, as well as ability.

This is something we would absolutely love to see – and it wouldn’t cost a penny.


  1. Have always liked young greg docherty and truly think he has a really big future,in the rangers midfield,for many years to come.He can undoubtedly be our powerful box to box midfielder.

  2. Jack, Arfield, McRorie, Kamara, Docherty and I'll wait to see how Rossiter performs in his remaining games before i praise him too much, but we're now looking more settled in midfield than we have in quite some time and Docherty for me anyway, is a player that'll save the club several millions

  3. Looks good but honestly can't see Gerard leaving kamara out the starting 11 for next season and would also be 1st name on the team sheet as this guy is going to be a special player for us …..watp

  4. Has desire and energy but can't take and control a ball in tight spaces or find a pass. As usual with you clowns folk spotted at training that haven't played for a while or players on loan at diddy teams playing with much less pressure and at a much lower level become world beaters. Folk playing week to week through niggles are cowards. We're top loaded with average players, quality over quantity needs to be the new signing policy.

  5. Is Greg Docherty your love child? Fed up reading on here how good he is. Steven Gerrard knows a midfielder. He didn't fancy him and shipped him out. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong, but I just dont think he will make the grade. He's playing lower league football in England. Might be his level.

  6. Lets hope Docherty comes back a much improved player than he was when he left. Credit to SG for finding him a club where, it appears, he was been working with a manager who has helped him develop. But being successful at Shrewbury is a world apart from playing for Rangers, so the proof will be in the pudding when he returns to Rangers. But the boy has a great attitude, and lets hope he really has moved up a level as a player, and has become good enough to make the grade at Rangers.

  7. Been following Doc's progress on Shrewsbury's website, fans blogs and local Shropshire rag (Star) – they absolutely love him. We know it's only div. 1/less pressure/not Glasgow goldfish bowl etc etc, but he has definitely improved and has benefited from being down there. Simply must give him a go next season at Ibrox

  8. Love Docherty. But I feel Kamara has made his position his own as has Arfield. Jack has been played recently with Davis in a narrow 4 btw not the positions above and these 4 CMs have actually been outstanding together with Arfield narrow left. We have good centre mids but creativity outwith Arfield is a killer. I reckon Gerrard will have a player in mind over Docherty which is unfortunate but Docherty will make a good squad player for the 18 or when one of our main centre mids are injured. Kamara Jack Arfield Davis McCrorie would all start before Docherty for me (and for Gerrard) can't see him being a starter. Bit like Holt and Rossiter don't actually see much of a Rangers career for them now but I'd loan Rossiter and Docherty back out as a 2nd loan may work wonder the way it did for Ryan Christie. I'd love Rossiter and Docherty to make a legacy but I just don't see it.

  9. Will Be Delighted to See Doche Back at Ibrox!
    Always Liked Him as a Player!

    Hope He Gets His Chance Next Season

  10. Mccrorie is quite a good young player with lots to develop. Doc is playing at league 1, but doing well. Will he be able to do that for rangers?
    The thing is you can't put young players into the team and expect them to perform week in week out.
    Out fans get on the back of players too quickly, which can destroy their confidence.
    If You're going to fill the team with young players , you have to expect up and down performance. This could hand Celtic nine in a row

  11. If you want us to fight for 3rd or 4th position in the league, and not win any cups,,then yes, play them together next season!!

  12. Good midfield if you are happy to finish second again. Don't know what our midfield will be next season but hope it involves 2 players not currently at the club or out on loan. We badly need a quality attacking midfielder and a number 10 to unlock a defence. Some of the players mentioned will be good back up but we have to raise the quality not stand still.

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