Wednesday, 3 April 2019

58% of Rangers fans have made a big call on Morelos apology

As the world and his dog knows, striker Alfredo Morelos ‘apologised’ on Monday, and now misses the next four matches due to suspension.

He’s become quite the talking point even more than usual, which was already pretty much bad enough, and he had to go and stir the pot further by getting himself a straight red card.

But Ibrox Noise was interested to see if his apology washed with our readers, and we ran a poll to see how many forgave and forget, and how many weren’t interested.

The numbers were intriguing;

Only 42% of all respondents were in a forgiving sort of mood, and considered the apology redemption enough, while the significant majority 58% did not, and felt that Morelos’ ship has sailed with a four-match ban just too much to recover from.

It was interesting numbers to see that the mood, while maybe not as sharp as the 76% who wanted him sold in the aftermath of the match, is still weighted heavily against the Colombian.

It does seem Rangers fans have long memories, and we suspect there’s not much he can do to curry favour again.

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